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Rainforest rooftops on TV

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By Geoff Hodge, Botanical Expert (BSc, MCIHort)
Dusty Gedge and the rooftop rainforest

Dusty Gedge and the rooftop rainforest

Miracle-Gro is sponsoring an inspirational new television programme, Rooftop Rainforest, broadcast on Sky TV. The Miracle-Gro sponsorship fee will go directly to Sky’s charity partner – the World Wildlife Fund – and its Rainforest Rescue project.

This TV programme is part of the broadcaster’s Rainforest Week – a line-up of programmes scheduled to raise public awareness for the issues facing our planet and how we can help protect it.

The programmes follow urban ecologist, wildlife expert and eccentric visionary Dusty Gedge in his ambitious effort to build an indoor rainforest on top of the Westfield London shopping centre in London’s Shepherd’s Bush. Dusty faces countless obstacles as he constructs a structure to house tropical trees, plants, animals and insects. Not only did he face the logistical and planning challenges of completing the structure on top of a major public building, but he also worked to an extremely tight schedule, as the rainforest had to be completed in time for WWF’s Earth Hour on Saturday, 26th March.

This is a unique undertaking – an extraordinary experiment. A rainforest. In the sky. On a roof. In London. An impossible dream? A logistical nightmare? Or a stroke of genius? Find out by watching the programmes.

Rooftop Rainforest

Sky 1 HD was on hand to capture Dusty’s amazing vision, hard work and magic for two one-hour TV specials that demonstrate Dusty’s challenge from start to finish.

Rooftop Rainforest is being broadcast on Sky 1 and Sky 1 HD on 4th and 5th April at 8pm. The programmes will be repeated on Sky 2 on 5th and 6th April at 5pm, again on Sky 1 on 9th April from 4-6pm and are also available on Sky Anytime.

Sky Rainforest Rescue

Through Sky Rainforest Rescue, the TV company Sky aims to help save one billion trees in the state of Acre in the Brazilian Amazon and protect around three million hectares from deforestation, so improving livelihoods for poor families, protecting habitats for threatened species and helping to combat climate change. Find out more about Sky Rainforest Rescue and make a donation.

Dusty Gedge

Dusty Gedge is a wildlife consultant, specialising in green roofs, and co-founder of the company Living Roofs.


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