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Supporting the Seeds of Hope

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By Geoff Hodge, Botanical Expert (BSc, MCIHort)

Four Scotts’ employees, led by Vicky Page, braved the less than inviting weather and went to help out at the Seeds of Hope Children’s Garden.

Decked out in wellies, raincoats and gloves, we immediately got stuck in to some much needed garden maintenance. Anyone walking by would have spotted us half immersed in rows of prickly holly bushes in a battle to spread some Levington Water Saving Decorative Bark, which incidentally was wonderfully aromatic and filled our nostrils with a fragrant waft! With all the rain we’ve been having recently, this was the perfect time to lay this much needed mulch on the borders to trap as much of that valuable moisture as possible.

We also had immense fun waging war on unwanted weeds, equipped with the handy Roundup Gel. Ideally, we would have carried out a bit of essential lawn care to get the garden in tip-top condition for the summer, but the weather was against us – so we admitted defeat for the time being. Luckily, we’re all keen to head back when the weather is more promising and finish the job!

Scotts community outreach programme

This little gardening expedition was the latest activity in our long-term community outreach programme. We are deeply committed to supporting charities and projects that aim to enrich our local gardening communities, encouraging people to discover the joys of gardening for themselves and allowing audiences to take pleasure in the benefits that this horticultural activity brings. The Seeds of Hope garden is a perfect example of this – it’s a project that we are proud to have supported from the very beginning.

The Seeds of Hope Children’s Garden

The Seeds of Hope Children’s Garden, which is situated in the grounds of Guildford Cathedral, is designed to help children and young people explore feelings of loss with the support of their families, teachers and carers.

This unique garden, initially devised by charity worker Caroline Jay, was created as a space where children and young people could explore their feelings of loss, in response to personal experiences and traumas as well as wider world issues. Visiting the garden inspires a real journey, with each of the four separate areas symbolising a new season and connected emotion. As you wander from Winter to Spring, and Summer to Autumn, you are taken on a reflective journey from thought to hope, and light to change.

The garden is truly invaluable and should be enjoyed for years to come. This is why we support its ongoing maintenance by providing our products and manpower to keep it looking beautiful and thriving.

For more information on this inspiring garden and how to donate yourself, visit the Seeds of Hope Children’s Garden website. We’ll keep you updated with the next installment of our community outreach activity soon.


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