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Tomorite supports St Mungo's charity

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By John Clowes, Gardening Guru

Resident Adrem starts St Mungo’s gardening activities with planting tomatoes in Tomorite Giant Planters

Miracle-Gro has provided St Mungo’s charity with Levington Tomorite Giant Planters and Levington Tomorite Liquid Feed.

Since 1969, St Mungo’s has been providing shelter and support to the homeless of all ages in and around London. The charity operates scores of hostels in the south east and works diligently to provide assistance towards personal recovery in many forms. Providing skills and training so that vulnerable people can look forward with optimism to a better future plays a key part in recovery.

To that end, St Mungo’s has operated a gardening training project called Putting Down Roots for the last 10 years. It provides useful knowledge and skills that can help towards providing a more positive future and often employment. The current co-ordinator of the project, Fiona Finn, finds that gardening therapy has many positive benefits. It provides a positive outlook on life in general and a positive benefit to the immediate and community surroundings.

Where gardens are available at hostels, residents are encouraged by workers, such as Robert Sayers, to plant in the garden borders and gro-bags so that useful and tasty vegetables can be provided for the charity’s kitchens and at the same time provide on-going plant care therapy for residents.

After learning about St Mungo’s and its valuable work, Doug Hamilton, Miracle-Gro Product Manager, Gardening and Landscape, provided the charity with a pallet of Tomorite Giant Planters and Tomorite Liquid Feed to ensure that the hard work of trainers and residents would have the maximum chance of providing bumper crops.

In a hostel garden in west London, Doug saw trainer Robert Sayers and project co-ordinator Fiona Finn provide some initial gardening skills training that included the planting of tomatoes, sweet peppers and runner beans ready for a rewarding summer harvest. Several varieties of different tomatoes were planted including Gardeners’ Delight, Italian Plum and Moneymaker so that residents could also learn the different sizes and flavours that tomato varieties can offer.

Regular care and attention from the residents and a little help from Tomorite Liquid Feed will eventually provide fresh food for the kitchen and a gentle introduction to skills that could well provide a stepping stone to a better future.

Hopefully, we will be able to return to St Mungo’s later in the summer to report on a tasty crop of healthy fruit and vegetables.

To find out more about St Mungo’s, visit the website.


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