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Winner of the dangling carrot!

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By Geoff Hodge

The winner – Carrot Halva

As the judge of the LoveTheGarden Christmas Carrot Competition, Niamh Shields, food writer and blogger at, has been on a quest for the perfect recipe to quench her craving for carrots. The dangling carrots that motivated many bloggers from all over the country to share their recipes was a restaurant voucher worth £200 for the winner and three copies of Niamh Shields’ cookbook Comfort & Spice for the runners up.

The winning recipe is the Carrot Halva by Paula and Tim, from Wanton Flavours. Niamh: “I loved this eclectic recipe with carrots, orange blossom water and pistachio, to name but a few ingredients. It’s detailed and well thought out as well as delicious. A deserving winner!”

The first runner-up is Mel from Chef Mel’s Kitchen. Mel cooked up a delish recipe for Carrot, Maple & Bacon Soup. “This is definitely a recipe for a sweet tooth, but maple and carrot work really well together and the bacon crouton is a nice savoury addition. A little naughty and very nice! Enjoy your copy of Comfort & Spice!”

The second runner-up is Di from Super Lucky with her recipe for Carrot Meringues. Niamh: “I loved the idea of these carrot meringues instantly. They really bring out the sweetness of carrots, and don’t these look like the perfect treat for January?”

And last but not least, a copy of Comfort & Spice will be going to Alicia from Foodycat, who impressed Niamh with her Carrot Pakoras with Tamarind Dipping Sauce. “I can’t resist a good pakora,” said Niamh. “This is a lovely version with good spicing and a lovely sweet sour balance with the jaggery and tamarind. It was tough work choosing a set of finalists and then a winner. Congrats to all of you!”

In 2011, LoveTheGarden organised 4 vegetable competitions, which all yielded an abundance of healthy recipes. We are about to sow the seeds of the first contest of 2012, so watch this space!


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