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Winner Springs a Leek

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By Geoff Hodge
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“I’m really impressed!” says judge Kerstin Rodgers when she sees the yield of our Spring a Leek recipe competition.

We didn’t expect any less, as many of the leek competition dishes are right up her street. Kerstin Rodgers, aka @msmarmitelover started one of Britain’s first supper clubs and currently runs the Secret Garden Club, where diners are offered a gardening lesson alongside their meal. “I am interested in cooking food from scratch,” Kerstin explains, “and there is nothing more ‘from scratch’ than food grown yourself.”

Kerstin was delighted to be the guest judge of our 5th recipe competition and singled out three recipes that will each be rewarded with a copy of her cookbook ‘Supper Club’ because they really stand out…

Pressed leek terrineLeeks, scallops, white pudding and bacon butterCaerphilly Cheese, Leek and Potato Pie‘Welsh eggs’

First runner up is Jane from The Fat Carrot with her recipe for Welsh Eggs (a vegetarian variation of Scotch Eggs). “I love the way she’s researched how to use this classic Welsh vegetable in an interesting and appropriate way,” says Kerstin.

Second up was Shaheen from Allotment2Kitchen with her recipe for Caerphilly Cheese, Leek and Potato Pie. Kerstin thought this was “a gorgeous combination”. Shaheen even used her cookie cutters to write ‘Croeso’ on the crust of her pie, which is Welsh for ‘Welcome’.

Reluctant Housedad Keith also won a copy of ‘Supper Club’ with his Leeks with Scallops, White Pudding and Bacon Butter. Kerstin: “This sounds like an extremely tasty recipe. I’m not a meat eater myself, but if anything were going to tempt me, it’d be this.”

The LoveTheGarden vegetable competitions are a series of blogging contests and as usual, the main prize is a £200 restaurant voucher. This time, Hari Covert joins the league of winners with his Pressed Leek Terrine! Kerstin: “I really like Hari Covert’s recipe. It’s original, creative and sounds really tasty. I love the pairing with cobnut oil.”

Our previous competitions include: Creative with Cabbage, Potty for Potatoes, Taste for Tomatoes and the Christmas Carrot Competition. Watch this space to find out what vegetable will be featured in the next recipe contest!


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