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Environment, Health & Safety Policy Statement

The Scotts Company (UK) Limited is a manufacturer and supplier of horticultural products, including fertilisers, pesticides and growing media, for the amateur gardening, professional grower and amenity markets. By improving our aesthetic appreciation of the environment, the use of Scott’s products in the marketplace has a positive environmental impact.

The Scotts Company (UK) Ltd is committed to the protection of the environment and the health and safety of all employees, contractors, customers, visitors, the local community and other members of the public affected by our operations and products. The company will act positively to prevent pollution, injury and ill health arising from its processes, activities and products.

The Scotts Company (UK) Ltd product range consists of the following groups:

Fertilisers: These are of low toxicity. The recognised cause of concern is the potential, if applied on an agricultural scale, to cause nutrient enrichment of surface or ground water. The Scotts Company is a world leader in the supply of slow release and controlled release fertilisers to the horticultural industry, which minimises the risk.

Peat Products: The Scotts Company (UK) Ltd has undertaken not to work or seek to work, any areas classified in the top three categories in the governments National Peatland Resource Inventory. All the Company’s peatlands have modern planning consents containing stringent environmental protection conditions. In addition The Scotts Company (UK) Ltd is committed to the aims and objectives of the Growing Media Association’s Environmental Code of Practice. This includes co-operating with cross industry stakeholders (suppliers, growers, retailers, NGO’s and DEFRA), to enable the industry to work towards the government peat reduction targets. The company is also striving for full membership of the Growing Media Initiative. Where required to supplement UK peat supplies, imported materials are specified by Scotts to be to the RHP standard.

The Scotts Company (UK) Ltd is also committed to peatland restoration. The company has secured National Nature Reserves for three of it former sites. All the company’s freehold or former freehold properties have peatland restoration and nature conservation after use programmes, established and developed in close collaboration with Natural England and Scottish Natural Heritage. Non UK peat sources also have after use programmes to the RHP standard.

The company recognises that a gradual phasing out of peat through progressive dilution with other materials is the most realistic way of reducing peat use. Scotts is already a leading supplier of reduced peat content and non peat products. Scotts is also committed to research and development for viable and sustainable, organic growing media alternatives.

Timber: The Company recognises the need to ensure that wood products supplied into the market place come from well-managed sustainable sources. In order to achieve this wood products utilise recycled post consumer and forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified materials.

Pesticides: The supply and use of pesticide products is strictly controlled by regulations which have been independently determined by the Advisory Committee on Pesticides. This legislation covers the products supplied, the operator and environmental protection requirements, the dose rate and the number of treatments. This control ensures that both users and the environment are protected from any potential adverse effects.

The Company applies a holistic approach to the stewardship of its products, continuously striving through careful monitoring of existing products and investigation of new technologies for improvement of the health, safety and environmental profile of its products.

We also recognise the ongoing and potential impacts associated with our production and operational processes. All business activities including transportation, product storage and handling and processing of chemicals, present a risk to the environment. We strive to understand these risks and to strictly control them and to carry out regular site environmental monitoring.

The use of packaging materials contributes to the burden of waste disposal and consumes resources. Packaging is however essential in order to protect, preserve, contain and inform. The Scotts Company (UK) Ltd is committed to the reduction of the environmental impact of packaging materials wherever practicable and actively seeks to use recycled materials in its packaging.

Commitment to continual improvement in the environment, health and safety standards of the Company, forms an integral part of our business decisions and performance monitoring. Standards will not be compromised by other priorities. This policy is fully endorsed by the Senior Management and will be implemented by all employees and management throughout the Company.

To support and achieve our objectives, The Scotts Company (UK) Limited is committed to the highest practicable standards, sustainable development across the business and to the maintenance and continual improvement of the following principles:

  1. Ensuring full compliance with all applicable environmental and health and safety legislation and standards as a minimum requirement.
  2. Controlling and minimising any adverse environmental aspects or risk to health and safety from our activities through a structured management system which includes audits and inspections to check compliance. The system will include periodic review to ensure continued relevance and efficacy.
  3. Prevention of injury and ill health through continual improvement in occupational health and safety management.
  4. Striving to improve the Company’s activities in line with technological advances to ensure the risk to health and safety and the environment is reduced as far as is reasonably practicable.
  5. Setting specific objectives and targets to ensure continual improvement in the environmental and health and safety performance of the Company through annual environment, health and safety plans.
  6. Carrying out risk assessments to determine and minimise the risk to the environment and health and safety of existing, new and modified activities.
  7. Seeking to develop horticultural products that have a minimal impact on the environment, whilst maintaining customer satisfaction.
  8. Taking positive steps to minimise energy consumption, reduce the Company’s carbon footprint and reduce and recycle waste.
  9. Contributing to the maintenance of the Nation’s resource of rare natural habitat through reclamation, restoration and management of our peatland resources.
  10. Seeking to purchase raw materials and other services from reputable suppliers who conduct business in a responsible manner.
  11. Ensuring that the information displayed on our products raises product awareness, encourages proper and safe use, storage and disposal with minimal effect on the environment.
  12. Ensuring this Environment and Health & Safety Policy is explained to all employees contractors and interested parties to encourage the attainment and maintenance of the highest standard of performance and collective responsibility.
  13. Carrying out adequate training at all levels within the organisation to ensure the requirements of the policy are realised.
  14. Committing adequate resources to implement this policy.

This policy will be periodically reviewed to ensure its further development and relevance to the Company’s operations and activities.


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