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Everyone’s Growing

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By John Clowes, Gardening Guru

Well done to all those schools that signed up and supported our Gro-vember initiative. The moustache pics you sent in were inspiring and you obviously had a lot of fun while supporting the Movember charity. Here are a couple of pics from Ashbridge School, Hutton, Lancs showing the Patch Magic starting kit and the resulting moustaches. Well done to all who took part.


Plans for our potential Miracle-Gro’wers exhibit in the Great Pavilion at Chelsea have been created and sent to the RHS Shows Department for assessment. The spaces available in the Discovery area are all much smaller than last year, but we have submitted an island plan based on the largest site available measuring 8.5m x 4m. We must keep our fingers crossed until the end of January to hear if we have been allotted a space. More news and pics then.

In the meantime we need to get on with growing and planning in the hope that the RHS like our ideas.

Towards that end, all the schools who registered early have received seeds of broad beans and swiss chard with composts to start their growing work. Most have received a new soil improvement product called Miracle-Gro Magic Start. This has been sent so that those schools that like to conduct growing experiments can compare the difference in growing seedlings in plain soil and soil improved with this double action planting mix that improves soil structure and boosts soil fertility with balanced nutrients. I’ve used it myself last summer and I could see big differences in the geranium plants I was growing – we hope you also find great differences in your vegetable growing.

As another addition to the resources available on line we will soon be posting some Course Plans for Primary School teaching. There are 3 ideas detailed - one each for years 1 and 2; 3 and 4 and years 5 and 6. We are also currently creating some detailed growing experiments which provide all the details you need to study plant growth in a meaningful, scientific way.

Also on the near horizon will be the despatch of some new seeds sometime early in January. We hope you can help us grow some edible flowers (nasturtiums and pot marigold); some root vegetables (carrots); some leafy salads (lettuce), plus we will be sending some broad beans or swiss chard to those schools that have recently registered.


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