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Garden Designers Start Building for the Centenary Chelsea Flower Show Opening

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By John Clowes, Gardening Guru

Tuesday 14th May and designers have been finally allowed into the Great Pavilion to start building the magnificent gardens and plant displays in readiness for the opening of the Centenary Chelsea Flower Show next week.

Plants and props for the four Miracle-Gro’wers gardens have been collected, sorted and stored in a spare greenhouse at Barry Holliman’s, Ladds Garden Village, near Twyford in Berkshire. To get an idea of the space and layout for each garden the props have been positioned roughly and pictures below show our starting points. 

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Unfortunately not all props will make the final designer’s cut as we are oversupplied in some cases with excellent material which we just can’t find space for. Sorry. The same can be said for the plants as the cold weather hasn’t improved everything as much as we had hoped when judging. But you can rest assured that we will try to use as much as possible to tell our story.

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Barry was keen to let us know that we could make his job a lot easier next year if all plants are grown in individual pots, rather than containers. It seems that planting up a perfect looking garden using containers makes his job much more difficult. It’s worth remembering for next year.

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The back wall was the first item in place today and this is being covered with full colour graphics supplied by Richard Huxford’s Design Hive team and printed and erected with the help of Graeme Bluett of Sign Studio (Surrey) pictured in front of the 70’s house. Note the Chopper bike.

The iron gates and the backdrop of Cotswold stone houses is a great start to the 1913 garden. The suffragette dressed in black will make a dramatic addition. The war years Pre-Fab of 1940’s is a great visual reminder of housing conditions back then. With a mock air-raid shelter and sand bags in front it will set the scene for Dig for Victory. The more modern house and patio next door will provide just the right outdoor living feel for the 1970’s garden. We still await the fixing of the final backdrop for 2013 garden, but be prepared for a wind turbine and some solar panels.

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I will post more news and pics as the gardens develop over the week. John Clowes


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