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Happy New Year to school staff and all of our Miracle-Gro’wers.

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By John Clowes, Gardening Guru

Happy New Year to school staff and all of our Miracle-Gro’wers. The excitement of our Learning Journey is building up and everyone here at Miracle-Gro wishes you fair weather and sunny times for your growing season.

Chop Suey There has been plenty of activity to report. We have just heard from the RHS that our concept for the three gardens has been accepted and we have been allocated a huge 20 metre space on the north wall of the Grand Marquee in the same place as last year. Hurrah! We couldn’t be more delighted. 

Jane and I have been sending out materials to schools. Composts and feeds have and are still going out to schools; flower and vegetable seeds went to 70 schools at the beginning of January and more are on their way to secondary schools. With thanks to Suttons Seeds most senior schools are to receive a packet from the James Wong food series of Homegrown Revolution range. Labelled as ‘Cool Stuff to Grow’ some of them have really different tastes to normal foods, so we hope to be able to show Callaloo, Rat’s Tail Radish pods and Chop Suey Greens to our Chelsea visitors.

Owl With the help of our friends at Thompson & Morgan we are planning to send out plug plants of flowering bedding plants as soon as they are ready in Feb or early March. That will be the end of plant material distribution, and from then on we are in the hands of the weather. Fingers crossed for a sunny, mild spring!

Whatever the weather you should be completing your ideas for props and sending in to Jane by the end of January. We have received some wonderful pictures and ideas in from a few schools, including a great mad-hatter, a wicked owl and an attractive fungi fence. Well done!

Mouse We would however like to feature characters from a broader representation of the 100 schools registered, so get drawing. Schools that would create a 2/3rds life size Juliet in white and/or Romeo, dressed in red would be welcomed. We also hope that new schools can contribute ideas for animals for the vegetable garden and characters for Alice’s flower garden. How about bees and other beneficial insects like ladybirds and lacewings to be placed in among the hardy annuals of the pink Flower Magic display?

Finally we hope that you will send your pictures for publication on the web site to show your progress in this exciting Chelsea Challenge. Let’s see what you are up to and show us some of the happy faces of pupils that are getting their hands dirty.


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