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Healthy Living Ideas

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By John Clowes, Gardening Guru

Pictures from schools indicate that your experimental plants are now growing fast, as longer days and warmer sunshine improve spring conditions. Growing the beans, swiss chard, nasturtiums and pot marigolds in a polytunnel or greenhouse, will ensure they benefit from good light and more photosythesis.

Derbyshire and Essex Schools Potting Plants

Hopefully your experimental plants are already showing some differences in size, leaf colour and strength. If you can see any differences in the experimental plants yet. we would love to see some pictures and view your statistics detailing the comparisons. The last day we can accept your final trials results is on Monday 27th April, but interim results are always welcome. After that date we will be combining the results of the growing trials carried out by all 100 schools to find some national averages. The average results will be used on the graphics of the Miracle-Gro’wers Laboratory area, together with some pictures of pupils measuring the experimental plants.

The 27th April is also the day we need to receive pictures of your bags of carrots with one of the best roots pulled and shown close beside the bag. Please label the bag with the name of your school and the variety of carrot in the picture, so we can see all the information in one glance. 

We will soon be opening a new Healthy Living page on our website with all your ideas that could help the UK population improve their eating habits and exercise plans. Please send us all your ideas, your recipes and tips that will help children and adults to lose weight and become more healthy.

We will select the best ideas to feature on three different posters for the stand:-  one aimed at Children the second for Teenagers and the third for Adults.

In view of our fruit and vegetable theme, we will probably begin each column with the advice "EAT FIVE PORTIONS OF VEGETABLES AND FRUIT EVERY DAY”, as that is the starting point of our growing and eating plan. We can then add as many of your ideas as space allows. Pupils of one school have already come up with a good one about Teenagers’ portion sizes - “Minimise, Don’t Supersize”, they recommend if you must have a take-away. But it would be even better to “Cook raw ingredients at home for taste and nutrition”.

I am sure you will have learned many more things that help you develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Just send your best ideas to Jane or John as soon as possible.


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