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Instructions for sending in photos for judging

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By John Clowes, Gardening Guru

Despite the tricky season the time has now come to submit photos of your crops. Don’t worry if you are not entirely happy with the crop since there will be a few more weeks growing before the show begins. However to keep our options open please submit pictures of the crops which were sent to you, plus anymore within your school garden which you would be happy to show at Chelsea. We are happy to see fruit, veg or flowers.

To make it easier for sorting the photos by era please do the following…

  1. Submit on a power point slide (if possible).
  2. Name your school.
  3. Name the Era, e.g 1913, 1940, 1970, 2013.
  4. List the crop grown and if possible the variety.
  5. The photo needs to be a close up of the crop, and not the children since we are keen to see the progress of the plants.
  6. We are happy to have several photos on the same slide of your crops so long as we can see how they are doing.
  7. If the crop is in a container, then also take a photo of the crop and the container.
  8. Try not to send photos that are bigger than 300 KB to avoid issues with sending. To reduce large files, just open in Microsoft Office Picture Manager and under ‘Edit Pictures’ compress for Documents. Save first with title of crop and school and then include in your dispatch.

Please can you submit to the email address: [email protected]. If you have any problems with this address please submit to an alternative address: [email protected]

Examples of the ideal format for your information…

Corelli CollegeLaurence Jackson School


  1. All photos need to be submitted no later than 26 April.
  2. Judging takes place on the 30th April with Peter Seabrook, John Clowes and the garden designer.
  3. You will be informed on 1st May if your crop has been successful.
  4. Crops will be collected w/c 7 May.

Please also note that if props are being produced please also send a slide with photos of these as well so that we have a clear record of what is coming from which school. These props are due to be collected w/c 22 April, if this is going to be an issue please inform us ASAP. Thanks for all your support and good luck!

Jane Hartley and John Clowes


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