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Miracle-Gro'wers Learning Journey Gardens at Chelsea Flower Show 2013

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By John Clowes, Gardening Guru

100 years Chelsea Flower Show The concept behind four gardens

2013 is the 100th year since The Royal Horticultural Society first held their flower show on the site at The Royal Hospital, Chelsea. To commemorate 100 years of Chelsea Flower Shows, Miracle-Gro’wers are asked to exhibit four gardens to show how gardening and the plants we grow have changed over that century. The four gardens will feature different varieties of plants that illustrate how plant breeders have gradually improved the beauty, impact and crop of the plants we grow in our gardens today.

Schools will grow flowers and vegetables in all manner of containers so that we can display them in the correct time settings set throughout the centenary. One will be dated the founding year of 1913 - the second around the war years of 1940’s - the third in the 1970’s - and the final a modern garden of 2013. You will be notified which date of garden you and your team will be growing their prime plants for.

Miracle-Gro’wers are asked to do historical research around the date of the given garden and to come up with props and creative visual ideas that will enhance the theme. We hope to create a montage of different items from different schools, so keep the ideas simple.

Miracle-Gro and the gardening staff of The Sun will help to source and supply seeds or plants of an appropriate variety of plants to grow for your garden and provide advice on the correct sowing or planting times and the appropriate containers to use. You may do research and grow other plants that you consider appropriate for any of the other three gardens. At the end of April we will ask you to send in photographs of your plants and containers for consideration by our panel of judges.

You will be notified which garden you are growing plants for and we welcome all creative ideas and constructions that will help in the display of that garden. Some schools will want to create poster ideas, others will have the ability to construct shelving or other display features.

In the first instance before any final painting or construction is started it is essential that you submit ideas in drawing form, so that you don’t waste time and effort on items that may not be needed or may not be right for the display. To save wasted effort we will welcome ideas as drawings during 2012 and we will decide on exactly which school is to produce what items early in 2013.

More details are provided in the individual garden brief for each of the four displays. Don’t forget to check the Sun’s gardening page to find out the latest projects.


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