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Not Long Now Until Chelsea

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By John Clowes, Gardening Guru

It’s less than a fortnight until the start of the Chelsea Flower Show and things are moving fast. Schools have been sending in the results of their growing experiments together with pictures of pupils measuring the plants and completing their report books.

Many thanks to all of you that have completed the experiment so far. Some of you are sending in plants for display at Chelsea, but we hope that all schools will continue checking the growth of the plants that remain at school so that you can assess the height at maturity, the number of pods produced and the number of stems or side shoots that each plant has produced. As the available nutrients in the plain soil are exhausted you should see the leaves of those plants turning paler, while the Magic Start ones continue to look lush and healthy. As always your pictures are always welcome.

Even though most schools received packets of carrot seeds only a small proportion have reported they have grown good sized roots that would be worth displaying at Chelsea. Please check if your carrots have a decent root, because there is still time to post a bunch of roots to me so that I can take them to Chelsea. Contact me at [email protected] so that I can check if your variety is still needed for the display and I will provide you with the address to send them with a few packing tips.

While you have been growing and measuring, Jane and I have been creating the Chelsea give away leaflet, the graphics for the stand and working with our construction team at Ladd Landscapes on the structure of the stand.

Chelsea Stand Ktichen View

The school building that forms the central backbone of the stand is a majestic structure the size of a double-decker bus. It will be clad in false bricks and roof tiles proudly bearing the name of The Miracle-Gro’wers Academy. That’s the new name for all the schools that have combined to create our Learning Journey stand. On one side there is space for the edible garden and the other is the Kitchen/Laboratory where selected Miracle-Gro’wers will get to meet the visitors to the best gardening show in the world. We hope you like it - you surely won’t miss it!

Edible Garden Side Chelsea Stand

More news next week as we start gathering all the plants together and the posters are produced that will explain about the Healthy Living Plan. 


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