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Reuse Egg Boxes to Make Flowers

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By Lucy Pitts, Garden Enthusiast
Egg Box Bouquet with Daffodil

Do you have a pile of old cardboard egg boxes sitting on top of a cupboard waiting to be recycled? Do you perhaps save your old egg boxes because you’re sure there’s something you can do with them, but somehow, you’re never quite sure what? If so, you’re not alone and egg boxes are one of the most common items that we regularly get more of in our weekly shop and always seem to hold on to. These also a great way to add some colourful flowers during the winter months.

Well the good news is that with a little bit of time and a whole load of creativity, old egg boxes are a great medium for making all sorts of flowers and designs, as well as a fun way to recycle.  

Egg Carton Bouquet
Image Credit: PatchWork Parent

What You Will Need

1) Egg boxes of course, as many as you feel you have the time to get creative with or think you may need.

2) A sturdy pair of scissors.

3) Paint, of good enough quality to cover the cardboard brightly and not soak in too much…acrylics are best and choose nice bright colours.

4) Any other decorative accessories you fancy. This could range from old buttons to fairy lights, picture frames or mirrors (to decorate) or vases to fill with your homemade flowers.

5) Pipe cleaners, flexible canes, glue and floral tape.

6) Imagination. In spades. It may help to use known flowers as a source of inspiration like national flowers for example.

Getting Started

The only limitation on what you can do with your egg boxes, is how much time you have to put in. The egg cup parts of the egg boxes form the natural, basic shape of a flower so cut out as many or as few as you like.

Don’t discard the rest of the box though because this too might come in handy for additional decorations, depending on what it is you’re going to make.

Once you’ve cut them out, trim your cardboard egg cups at the mouth in any shape you like.

You might want to cut them in the shape of a daisy, you might want to cut the shape of individual petals into the cup (remembering not to cut them completely off) or you might want to make a more wispy mouth. Why not have a look at some of your favourite flowers and take your inspiration from them.

You also could try building up your cardboard flowers into layers by fixing tiers of petals inside each other, in which case for each flower, you will need two or three of your egg cup shapes, each trimmed and shaped to be a little smaller than the one before.

Roses made from Egg Boxes
Image Credit: Pinterest

Painting and Decorating Your Egg Box Flowers

Paint your cut out shapes inside and out, remembering to paint a green layer by a way of foliage if you fancy it. You’ll need to let them dry and if you don’t want to get too messy, then do all the insides first and once they’ve dried, then paint the outsides.

Then it’s time to think about your arrangement as a whole. Stick the different cup shapes inside one another with glue for that layered look or why not stick different buttons in the centres.

If you are doing this and you want your flowers on a stem, don’t forget to make a little hole in the centre of your flower and thread a pipe cleaner or cane through and attached it to the button.

Another very effective technique is to thread your flower shapes on to a string of fairy lights, one flower per light and because the egg box cardboard is quite pliable, you can gently roll or curl the petals into different shapes.

Or, if your children are lending a helping hand, why not enjoy some sticking and gluing with glitter, sequins or anything else that little ones would enjoy decorating their flowers with.

Egg Box Flower Arrangement
Image Credit: Joyfully Weary

Pulling it All Together

All that remains now is to bring your decorative flowers together. Thread them onto canes, to form stem flowers (green canes are great for this) or bring them together with pipe cleaners into a bunch.

For fastening the pipe cleaners, make a little knot at one end and then push it through a hole in the centre of the flower. You can then strengthen the cleaner by wrapping it in flower tape or by taping it to a cane.

If you haven’t used buttons as the centre piece of your flower, you might even want to leave a length of pipe cleaner (painted yellow of course) showing through as the stamen.

If you don’t want stem flowers or bunches, you can just decorate your picture frame, mirror, card, calendar or whatever it is you are making, by sticking your flowers to it.

That’s really all there is to it. By getting a little creative you’ll clear out all those old egg boxes and create a whole host of cheap but effective and fun decorations, which you can change as often as the creative urge takes you. If you love this sort of thing you could also try making some rainbow roses too.

We’d love to see some of your egg box flowers and share them with, and inspire our readers. Have you made cardboard daffodils, roses or daisies? What worked best for you and have you got any special tips or ideas? Post your photos and tips here to our Facebook or Twitter pages, or leave a comment below!


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