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see the stand on BBC1 tv - hopefully this afternoon

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By John Clowes, Gardening Guru

Yesterday evening (Thursday) we received a visit from Becky, a TV Researcher working for BBC1 TV. She, like hundreds of other visitors, wanted to know all about the Miracle-Gro’wers stand and the involvement of school pupils in the Discovery & Learning Journey Garden. She was excited by what she learned and, as a result, the stand and the schools’ involvement is planned to be featured in a Chelsea programme to be broadcast on BBC1 TV. We hope that it will be on this afternoon between 3pm to 3.45. 

You should be able to watch it live today, or find it on the BBC catchup system for the next couple of weeks. Fingers crossed they ask the right questions and I get the opportunity to sing your praises. 

Gentlemen from Hobletts Manor Junior, Sam Pullen and Naathan Adams
Gentlemen from Hobletts Manor Junior, Sam and Naathan.
Monks Walk students Michal Lyson, Emily-Gene Greaves, Nicholas Horrex and Ryan Luckin
Monks Walk students Michal, Emily-Gene, Nicholas and Ryan.

Well that’s the future, but what about the schools that visited us yesterday? Early birds were pupils of Hobletts Manor Junior School that included Kyla, Ewan, Sam and Nathan. They talked with passion about their extensive garden and the heated greenhouse that allowed them to grow some magnificent Gerberas fit for the flower garden.

The secondary school that manned the Love garden was Monk’s Walk School from Welwyn Garden City who sent Emily-Gene, Michal, Ryan and Nicholas. Emily-Gene helped me to write a paragraph for this blog. Here it is.

Today I had a long chat with Emily-Gene who is a student from Monk's Walk School, Welwyn Garden City, Herts. She told me about the school's Gardening Club. "We have a large greenhouse where we sow seeds, re-pot the seedlings and grow both flowers and vegetables. Seven members of the Club have helped to grow pink, orange and honey yellow Gerberas in the greenhouse where they looked really pretty." 

Schools that came from further distances arrived at lunchtime. Really smart in green piped blazers and fully armed with a large and detailed presentation about their growing experiments they presented a full growing story to the visiting crowds. It’s now getting really busy in the Pavilion, especially when it starts to rain. Then you can hardy sqeeze through the crowds.

Students from St Peters, Exeter - Toby Ireland (left) and Cohen Wadland
Gentlemen from Hobletts Manor Junior, Sam and Naathan.
Ashbridge students Olivia, Sammy (Fred), Jessica and Katie
Ashbridge students Olivia, Sammy (Fred), Jessica and Katie.

Pupils from St Peters CofE Secondary School had driven all the way from Exeter in Devon, so had spent several hours on the road before talking to the massive throng. Pupils Cohen and Toby were safely tucked bend one of the desks and did a great job telling visitors about their growing experience.

Four bright and happy girls from Ashbridge Independent School had travelled from Preston in Lancashire for their first ever visit to Chelsea Flower Show. They were full of laughter and were great at entertaining our gardening visitors. The official namecall runs like this, Olivia, Sammy, Jessica and Katie, although Sammy (real name Samantha) was more often than not called ‘Fred’ by me. 

Granton School pupils from SW16 - Blessing Gnapi and Marley Issacs
Granton School pupils from SW16 - Blessing and Marley.
Five attractive pupils from Ickworth Park
Five pupils from Ickworth Park.

In comparison, just travelling from Streatham, London were Marley and Blessing who told the visitors all about the Nasturtiums and Gerberas they had grown at Granton Primary School. 

Final school of Thursday was Ickworth Park Primary School from Bury st Edmunds, Suffolk who brought along five nine year olds who told the public all about their experiments and growing trials using Dianthus flowers. We closed the night with a visit from Lord Nash who is part of the Education Department of the Government. I will post a picture of his visit and give you more details tomorrow.




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