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Using Plants in Education

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By Vicky Page, Garden Expert
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Teaching Children About Plants and Wildlife

Educating children about plants and wildlife is not just a fun and exciting thing to do in your own garden, local park or other outdoor space. It is also a vital part of their school education, understanding how plants and animals live, breed and survive is key to understanding many aspects about their own life, health, environment and the world all around them.

Our Miracle-Gro'wers Academy is designed to help children learn about many aspects of plant growth, health, nutrition. Make sure your childrens school has signed up to our latest project in our Miracle-Gro'wers Learning Journey

How You Can Help Your Children Learn and Grow

Depending what schooling age your child is currently at, you could look at the government guidelines for their school year and encourage them to join you outside and learn about the world around them and what makes it 'tick'.

In Year One children will start to learn about plants including how to identify common plants and the basic structure of a flowering plant.

UK Government Year 1

In Year Two understanding includes how animals get food from plants, seeing how seeds and bulbs mature into plants.

UK Government Year 2

UK Government Year 2 Cont

In Year 3 learning advances to identifying the functions of parts of a plant, understanding the requirement for plants life.

UK Government Year 3

To help in Year 4, try teaching your children about how to group living things, plants for example could be flowering plants and non-flowering plants (ferns and mosses for example).

UK Government Year 4

Year 5 encourages children to start looking at the environment around them, and ventures into the reproductive cycle of plants.

UK Government Year 5

To help your children through Year 6, look at ways of subdividing the groups of plants from Year 4 and finding the reasons why the plants are grouped in this way. 

UK Government Year 6


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