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Plant diseases

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Onion white rot disease casuses the onion bulbs to rot

Onion white rot is a serious fungal disease that attacks onions, as well as closely related shallots, leeks, garlic and other alliums. It kills the plants and makes them inedible.

Apple scab disease on apple fruit

These scabs are fungal diseases that attack apples and pears causing dark, “scabby” marks on the fruit and leaves, as well as blistering and cracking of young shoots.

Spots of Rust on a Plant

As its name suggests, leek rust is a fungal disease that attacks leeks. But it also affects the closely related garlic, chives, onions and other species of Allium, including ornamental ones.

A Wilting House Plant

Plants can wilt for a number of different reasons. These range from simply drying out to being attacked by a fungal disease that prevents the roots from absorbing water. A little investigation and insider information on how the plant has been grown should identify the reason.

Scale Insects Causing Sooty Mould

Sooty moulds are fungal diseases caused by a number of different fungal species. They don't attack or damage the plant they are growing on directly, but their presence on the leaf blocks out sunlight and so reduces plant vigour.

Symptoms of Leaf Shot Hole - Magnified

There are numerous reasons for holes to appear in plant leaves. These include poor growing conditions and environmental stress, insect pests feeding on the foliage and even droplets of water acting as a magnifying glass in strong sunlight.

But one specific type of hole, called shot hole, is caused by plant diseases.

Powdery Mildew on a Leaf

Powdery mildew disease is common on a wide range of plants. There are numerous forms of powdery mildew, which are specific to one plant or a group of plants, and won't spread to other plants. For instance, rose powdery mildew attacks roses, clematis powdery mildew attacks clematis - they won't spread to each other.

A Magnified View of Smuts Plant Fungus

Smut diseases aren't common in gardens, but one that is often seen is sweetcorn smut.

Tomato Leaf Mould Affecting a Plant

Tomato leaf mould is a common fungal disease of tomatoes growing under cover, in a greenhouse. It is rarely seen on outdoor plants. Once it becomes established, it can spread rapidly and cause significant losses.

A Virus Affecting a Plant

There are numerous plant virus diseases, most of which are specific to one plant or group of plants. They can produce various symptoms, depending on the type of virus they are and the plant affected.