How To Grow Different Types Of Climbers | Love The Garden


Climbers are a versatile range of plant that come in many different varieties. The Climbing plant can dress up archways, fencing, walls or any other garden structure. Climbers natural instinct is to grow vertically and some can even self-cling without the need to be tied in to follow the outline of the structure. Wall shrubs, however, do not possess this characteristic, but can be trained to fit any wall or archway with specific pruning and training tips. Climbing plants are a particularly beautiful addition to any garden and tend to not take up too much room!  

Of course, there are many well known varieties that are listed below, but there are a few aspects that you will need to take into consideration when choosing your climber or wall plant. Some climbing plants or wall shrubs flower at different times of year, for example some varieties of clematis flower in late winter or early spring, as opposed to hydrangeas that flower in autumn. Also think about where you are going to position your climber, in the context of sunlight and shade!