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Pests and diseases

Roseclear Ultra is currently approved for a maximum of four treatments per year. The long lasting systemic activity of the treatment is sufficient to prevent diseases establishing on the plant, providing that it is started at the onset of growth and continued at regular intervals.

If the pests and or disease attack is particularly persistent and additional treatments are needed, then the alternative Bug Clear Ultra or Fungus Clear Ultra can be used to clear the problem.

The first signs of blackspot and other fungal diseases on roses appear from May onwards, but the fungal spores will have entered the plant as the new leaves unfurl in March/April. Early treatment at bud burst is therefore vital to help prevent serious infection. It is also important to observe good hygiene by the removal of all leaf debris, which should be burnt and not composted. Prevention is better than cure, but should fungal infections take hold, the prompt removal of any leaves showing symptoms, combined with application of Roseclear will generally control the spread.

No it’s not cleared for safe use on any edible crop.

No it’s not cleared for safe use on any edible crop.

No it’s not clear for safe use on brassicas, it can only be used on the edible crops listed on the label.

Spray with RoseClear Ultra as soon as the leaf buds start to form in April. The diseased leaves won’t be cured, but new growth will be free of black spots. Ensure all old leaves and prunings are cleared up from the soil surface and binned – do not compost so that you don’t spread the disease around your garden.

I have tried to purchase this as it's an excellent product, but no success.

Is slug clear liquid no longer available, if so why. It was one of the best products on the market but seems to have vanished. Every web site I have tried just says out of stock.

was planted last summer and was grown from seed. my plant started off alright but heading into the winter period it leaves and stem starting to turn purple going on to a rusty brown colour which parts of the plant continued to die off and later on producing new growth is this normal thanks gail brewer