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I saw it on the Home page , but after I logged-in , I can't find registration anymore.

Would this compost suit my tomato seedling for potting on etc?

I use Complete 4 in 1 for my lawn but inherited a Kings Spreader and wondered what I should set it at (numbered 1-10 )

Could I Use the Bug Clear Ultra for Flowers and Veg as a soil drench or would I need to purchase the Bug Clear Ultra Vine Weevil Killer?

Kind regards

Just cannot work out how to open the pack so that I can reseal the pack.

I've just purchased a box of Evergreen fast grass with a date on the side of the box September 2016, is this a use by date, sell by date or what?

i have been in contact with the US company and they gave this website as a contact

Hi, Please could you tell me if your Levingtons manure is guaranteed aminopyralid free? Thanks.