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Weed Control

Ministry Approved Pesticide Product, all our pesticide products are approved and can be checked on the HSE website.

It is never advisable to store made up diluted concentrated product for more than a few days as they are designed to naturally break down and can deteriorate rapidly with the loss of efficacy.  This restriction applies to all products that are diluted from concentrate.  For safety and legal reasons we advise that made up solutions must never be left in unmarked sprayers or containers.

There are many ready to use products now available, which are specially formulated to remain stable as dilute solution.  You may find this type of product more convenient, especially when treating small areas or individual plants. 

There is a vast quantity of text which has to appear on packaging by law, the Chemical Regulations Directorate has very strict rules which have to be followed. This includes positioning of information, contents of information, size of text font used, size of packaging and volume of ingredients permitted per tube.

Our aim is to meet all of the legal requirements and also to provide the consumer with an easy to use product. The outer packaging clearly states the area coverage achieved by using this product, it also states the volume of product made once diluted, all of which are correct and in no way misleading.


The tubes have to be the size they are, that is the maximum quantity of concentrate product we are permitted to put in by law, per each tube. If we produced a box to match the size of the tubes, it would not pass regulations or be approved for sale as the required text would either not fit or not be of a readable size. 

Roundup Tough Weedkiller is a total systemic weedkiller containing Glyphosate, which kills the leaves and roots of cultivated plant growth, including grass.  It clearly states on the label that you should avoid applying the product to cultivated plants or lawns unless you want to kill them.  It is also important not to walk on treated areas to avoid transferring the weedkiller to the lawns.

Specific lawn weedkillers, such as Weedol Lawn Weedkiller have selective action and when applied to lawns only affect the broad-leaved weeds and do not harm the grass.

Our weedkillers need at least 6 hours of dry weather after application to allow the weedkiller to be fully absorbed into the weed.

In the past you may have used Weedol 2 (now discontinued) which was a contact weedkiller that burnt off the green top growth in a few days but did not kill the roots allowing perennial weeds to regrow. Weedol Rootkill Plus contains a systemic weedkiller that is sprayed on to the leaves then moves around the whole weed via its sap killing the leaves and roots, this can take 28 days depending on the type of weed and weather conditions.

Old ivy leaves have a glossy surface which weedkillers find hard to penetrate, we advise bruising the leaves with a stiff brush to aid absorption or removing the old leaves, wait for young soft growth and then treating. If you can see a stem coming from the ground follow the instructions on Roundup Tree Stump and Root Killer for “Freshly cut tree and shrub stumps”.

Unfortunately, we cannot advise on mixing any products to use as a combined spray application, unless the label of the products used specifically recommends this.  The reason for this is that different product formulations may not be compatible.  It is also not advisable to mix different manufacturers products together, as trials work has not been carried out to guarantee the safety of such mixtures in use.

The white marks you can see are residues where the product has evaporated from a hard surface. If the product is over-applied to a hard surface it can build up and then crystalise as it dries. Please be assured that there is nothing in this product to leave permanent stains or discolour hard surfaces. The crystals you can see will naturally break down and soon disappear, rainfall and sunlight will speed the action up. 

It is important when using any garden product that you apply in full accordance with the instructions, this will include the distance to spray from and advice regarding how to spray for example, spray lightly - avoid surface run-off. When these instructions are followed the product will not be applied heavily enough to build up and cause any visible residues. 

Roundup is rapidly inactivated on contact with the soil leaving no residual action to prevent seeds germinating or affect new plants.