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Weed Control

Our weedkillers are regulated by the UK (Chemicals Regulation Directorate) and Irish (Pesticide Control Service) authorities. If you follow the instructions for use, they don’t pose harm to people, pets or wildlife. Always read the label and product information carefully before use. Keep children and pets away from treated areas until spray has dried.

Unfortunately we do not have any products on our range at the moment that can be used in a garden pond. We recommend keeping all pesticides at least 1m away from any water source. 

When the weeds are actively growing. That means any time between April and September, but when you apply it is important to avoid very hot or very cold conditions as this will affect how well the weedkiller will work and could result in a much slower control of the weeds. Always use the correct dosage recommended on pack and apply on a dry calm day. For deep rooted or persistent weeds, further treatments may be required.

Contact weedkillers (such as Weedol Gun Fast Acting Weedkiller) kill green plant growth above ground on contact; they are fast acting and need a couple of hours of dry weather to be absorbed. Whilst they may work fast, they do not penetrate down to the roots, so further treatments may be required to prevent re-growth of perennial weeds. Systemic weedkillers (such as Fast Action Roundup Ready to Use Weedkiller and Weedol Rootkill Plus) are absorbed into the weed through the leaves and kill the whole plant, including the roots.

Because weeds invade and suffocate other plants, they take the goodness from the soil needed by the plants that we want to enjoy and destroy the beauty of gardens.

The dictionary says that a weed is ‘A wild (not deliberately cultivated) plant growing where it is not wanted.’ By this definition, virtually any plant that’s growing where we don’t want it to grow is a weed. But it’s those unwanted plants that invade and threaten to take over your paths, patios, flower beds, borders and lawns that are the real problem.

British ivy is growing into my shed and over my fence. It has stickers on the branches which cling onto anything it grows on. I want it off before it gets completely out of control.