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Weed Control

I live in South Devon. Is it too late to use weedol path clear this year on a path?

It came in a plain envelope with no instructions how much water do I add it to.
Thank you

I possibly applied evergreen 4 in 1 to our herb patch back in late May, I can't think why I would have or if I did. Do you think I'm OK to cook with our herbs?

I have a lot of ericaceous compost to use up. I know about flowers and shrubs and which it, but not vegetables

This grass has been blown in and is now growing up the banks and into our lawns. The roots are very thick, strong and grow down at last 2 feet. We have had some dug out with a digger but a few remain and are beginning to multiply again. The grasses are now taller than they are in this picture. We also have mares tails to fight as well - a nightmare!

The borders haven't been planted up yet as I'm still trying to prepare them. I moved into this house - a new build - at the end of August.