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Weed Control

The bramble is present in a path adjacent to our back fence so is able to spread thorough, and root, in the shrub/flower bed. Is there a safe bramblw killer I can use, or is it just perseveranc?

Hello. I bought Weedol Rootkill Plus Power Sprayer (5L) at a garden centre I visited last Thursday. Waiting for a sunny day I decided to use it today. I am so disappointed because the spray sends out a trickle no matter which setting I have it on. I've even changed the batteries. Is there some trick that I don't know about - might it be something to do with the "straw" inside the container. For someone like me with mild arthritis in my finger it should have been a Godsend. If you have no tips for me to get it working properly, then I shall have to go out and buy a watering can to put the weedkiller into and do it that way. Please help.

Hi, I understand Weedol 2 has been discontinued. Can you tell me what it was replaced by and whether it is a) as quick drying and b) petsafe?

Current 'lawn' has been neglected for years and is a mixture of long grass and dandelions etc.

I'd like to know if plants treated with Weedol Rootkill Plus are dangerous to animals if consumed. I've seen our Cat and Dog eating grass. We're planning to get some Goats. Would the treated plants pose any danger to these animals if consumed?

have not got the mixture rate of weedol rootkill plus

What weed killer can i use

I have a bird feeder that is the major cause of the weeds, will the weedol weed killer affect my birds?

I'm new at this. My garden is quite big and I wanted to start to create a lawn in a small area, below a grapevine with a lot of weeds. What weed killer should I use?