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Transportation of Chemicals

The correct handling and transportation of products with active chemical ingredients:

Harmful To The Environment LogoThe Royal Mail will not carry pesticides or herbicides, so your store should check with individual carriers that they are prepared to carry these goods. Common sense would dictate that if they are moving liquids they would include a ‘this way up’ label as standard.

A small number of our amateur/home products are classified as ‘Hazardous for transport’. These can be easily identified as the products have the dead fish/dead tree hazard diamond on the side of the pack. For example Pathclear, Weedol Rootkill Plus (concentrate) and Weedol 2. Such products should be shipped according to ‘limited quantity rules’, e.g. packed with no more than 5 litres of product per inner package for liquids and up to 6kg of product per inner for solids.

It is recommend that you should include the hazard diamond on all outer packaging, with the identifier ‘3077’ for solid or ‘3082’ for liquid printed within the diamond for any material that is hazardous for transport.


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