The funny side of gardening

Gardening is great fun and makes for an amazing hobby, but we want to take a break from the serious side for a minute and share some examples of how gardening can also be hilarious! We have scraped the net and found what we think are the funniest gardening humour that is out there. Here is what we found…

When Sculpting Hedges And Shrubbery, Be Creative

Whilst many gardens opt for fine art and sculptures, it is very apparent online that innovatively sheered hedges and shrubs were a great way to add a fun element to your garden. Whilst there is a vast array of crude images displaying this out there, there are still many that have kept it PG and will still make you giggle.

If you have ever had a neighbour that took life too seriously? Well, take a look at this ‘cheeky’ piece of artwork with a less than impressed neighbour.

Store Your Tools Somewhere Inventive

There are some cool creative ways in which you can store your garden tools like this artist pallet.

However, some people take it to the next level and give it that bit extra that will entertain time and time again. This is bound to make you smile every time you go out to do a spot of gardening…

Remember To Always Use The Right Tools For A Job

Some people have all the will and desire in the world to get things done in the garden, but just lack the knowledge and application to carry it out. Bad things can happen in the garden when you don’t use the right tools. For example, if you were to remove a fence post or pole, you might want to use some sort of excavation tool or ease it out slowly. Or alternatively, you could just rock it back and forth, and swing on it whilst hoping for the best. Luckily someone was actually on hand filming this attempt in action…

Signs Can Add Some Humour To Any Location

The right sign in the right place can be comedy gold. There are likely hundreds of examples out there but I will share a select few that are a cut above the rest. The wonderful thing about signs is that you can let a bit of your personality and sense of humour evidently show through your garden. If you have a slightly sarcastic sense of humour then you will enjoy this, despite it not being in a garden (from what I can tell) it is still utterly brilliant.

For more garden specific signs there are some fine examples. This person makes light of some weed issues they are having in their garden.

And in this case, the gardener has opted for a classic play on words which I quite enjoy.

Do you find these signs funny? Or do you think the garden is not the place for humour? Perhaps you have some comedic material of your own that blows these examples out the water? If so we would love to know about them. Please send us your funny gardening snaps @lovethegarden or leave us a comment.

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