Honey fungus #1 disease

In 2013 the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) announced its Top 10 Garden Diseases. This list is based on enquiries received by the charity's Advisory Service at RHS Garden Wisley.

For the 18th year running, honey fungus tops the list with its presence confirmed on 78 different plant genera. Not surprisingly, the weather influenced the list and mild, wet weather is thought to be behind a record increase in box blight cases, with enquiries reaching their highest levels since the RHS began keeping detailed digital records in 1996.

Top 10 garden diseases 2013

The full list is below with 2012's figures in brackets. Links go to our disease profiles on what to look for and how to control them.

  1. Honey fungus 
  2. Leaf spots 
  3. Pythiums 
  4. Cylindrocladium blight of box 
  5. Volutella blight of box 
  6. Phytophthora diseases 
  7. Saprophytic fungi 
  8. Rusts
  9. Root and stem rots (including damping off)
  10. Powdery mildews