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EverGreen® Extreme Green

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By Geoff Hodge, Botanical Expert (BSc, MCIHort)
EverGreen Extreme Green 80m Carton

Superior deeper greening after just 3 days. Greening lasts for weeks. Children and pet friendly.

Superior, quick greening

Extreme Green is the latest addition to the lawncare brand that gardeners ask for by name – EverGreen.

EverGreen Extreme Green contains a source of fast-acting nitrogen that packs a real punch and quickly starts to make grass green, thick, lush and beautiful after just 3 days.

It's the perfect choice when you need to quickly green up the lawn - maybe you've got friends and family coming around at the weekend and need to impress them!

Continuous greening

But it doesn’t stop there, EverGreen Extreme Green goes on feeding for weeks – continuing to keep the grass green, strong and healthy.

It can be applied to an established lawn any time between March and September.

The 200sq m (240sq yd) bag is the perfect choice for larger lawns. The 80sq m (96sq yd) Spreader Pack is the quick and easy way to feed smaller lawns and the Refill Pack allows you to re-use the Spreader.

EverGreen Extreme Green 80m Spreader 015023

2.8kg Spreader 80m2 (96yds2)

View Label (PDF) (659.98 KB)
EverGreen Extreme Green 80m Carton 015022

2.8kg Carton 80m2 (96yds2)

View Label (PDF) (3.67 MB)
EverGreen Extreme Green 200m Bag 015025

7kg Bag 200m2 (240yds2)

View Label (PDF) (3.67 MB)
EverGreen Extreme Green 400m Bag 015027

14kg Bag 400m2 (478yds2)

View Label (PDF) (3.67 MB)

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