Our sustainability journey

At Evergreen Garden Care we take our environmental responsibility seriously. We know it’s important to develop products in a sustainable way, right from the sourcing of materials, manufacturing and ultimately the recycling of packaging after use. Our ambition is to make sustainable gardening commonplace.

Evergreen Garden Care is a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant (APCO)

Here are just some of the changes we’ve made and continue to make to drive sustainability within our business:
virgin plastic

We’ve reduced the amount of virgin plastic used in our packaging by 800 tonnes and in turn reduced C02 emissions by 2400 tonnes!

responsibly source raw materials

We responsibly source raw materials and where possible recycle or reuse these in order to minimise the volume of waste generated.

100% recyclable

The bags containing our growing media and lawn fertilisers are already 100% recyclable through REDcycle. REDcycle sends bags straight to their partner Replas who recycle the plastic into outdoor furniture, signage and even fitness circuits. This process reduces the amount of plastic bags being sent to landfill.



Natural Products

Many of our bottles already contain recycled material but we’re aiming to have all our products in recycled packaging.

Natural Products

40% of our product portfolio is already made from natural formulations but we’re looking to achieve 70% by 2021..