Performance Naturals

It is the new, 100% natural way to grow!

Unlike those who have forgotten to feed their plants, your garden will grow twice as big because it will be thriving with a mix of organic material such as blood and bone, chicken manure, feather meal, seaweed and NatureN, our unique natural source of nitrogen researched and developed by Scotts horticulturalists.

Performance Naturals Premium Potting Mix

If you are creating a raised garden bed or a container garden, Performance Naturals Premium Potting Mix will grow your herbs and veggies twice as big. This mix is designed with a soil structure suitable for pots and container gardening.

Performance Naturals Soil Improver

If you are planting your garden in existing soil, then Performance Naturals Soil Improver will feed the micro-organisms and earthworms boosting the nutrients in your soil. Simply spread over your existing bed and work into the top 5-10cm of soil before planting.

Performance Naturals Organic Based Fertiliser

Feed your plants with Performance Naturals Organic Based Fertiliser every 3 months to ensure strong and steady growth. Spread around the base of your plants and lightly work in with a fork. Water in well ensuring there is no product left on leaves.