winter garden

Winter in the garden

The early mornings may be frosty, but that soon burns off so you can achieve your winter garden tasks.

We believe in the beauty of a green space - whether it’s a garden, a balcony or indoor plants. We want to inspire Kiwis to be able to easily create and maintain their own green oasis. 

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What to do in your garden in June

It may be winter but… There is still plenty to do in the garden this month, even if a chilly breeze is blowing and the sun isn’t giving much warmth. Early morning may be frosty but that soon burns off after sunrise. The days are often near-perfect for getting stuck into some of the many chores that need to be done now. The benefits are many - good exercise that not only improves your fitness but keeps you warm, and the garden looks better too. Looking good this month are...