Scotts Osmocote

Growing and maintaining your garden

Scotts Osmocote® is a long established brand of gardening products in New Zealand. Our extensive range of indoor and outdoor potting mixes and fertilisers are all developed to assist you to grow healthy flowering and fruiting plants indoors or outdoors.

We have all the tips and advice you need to achieve the garden you've always wanted.

There’s something magical about finding the perfect plant, picking the right pot and bringing it home to meet the rest of your plant family.

It doesn’t matter if you have a green thumb or just beginning your growing journey, when you start with Scotts Osmocote, you’ll bring out the best in all that you grow.

Scotts Osmocote Premium Potting Mixes

Osmocote indoor and outdoor potting mixes are among the best in the world. We source the best quality raw materials and all Osmocote potting mixes are manufactured to the highest standard, right here in New Zealand.

Scotts Osmocote Controlled Release Fertilisers

The original, best known and most widely used brand of controlled release fertiliser! Osmocote controlled release technology feeds for up to six months, releasing nutrients only when plants need them so there is less excess and leaching keeping our environment healthy.

Scotts Osmocote Indoor Plant Range

The all-new, premium indoor plant potting mix and fertiliser have been especially developed by horticultural experts for potting a wide range of indoor plants. Both the indoor plant potting mix and fertiliser have been carefully balanced to provide essential nutrients to indoor plants to ensure optimum growth and plant health.