Scotts Osmocote® Plus Organics Citrus & Fruit Plant Food & Soil Improver

Scotts Osmocote® Plus Organics Citrus & Fruit Plant Food & Soil Improver

Size: 1.5KG

Other sizes: 3.5KG800G

Main product features

Outdoors only
Contains natural biostimulants
Contains natural biostimulants
With seaweed
With seaweed
Encourages stronger root development
Encourages stronger root development

Aplant food and soil improverdesigned allfruit trees including citruswhich combines the best of both worlds. Scotts Osmocote® Plus Organics nurtures plant growth both above and below the ground and by creating a balanced and sustainable growing environment, plants arehealthier, stronger and less susceptible to insect attacks and diseases, season after season

When to use



  • A high level of magnesium and trace elementskeep leaves greenandfruit full and tasty
  • Gypsum breaks down clay soils, provides plants with the calcium they need to strengthen their structure and boostsdisease resistance
  • The natural fertilisersblood & boneandcomposted manureboost growth and plant health andimprove soil textureand moisture holding
  • Fish extractis a natural source of nitrogen, potassium and trace elements
  • Seaweedis a natural soil and plant conditioner and tonic that improves resistance to stress and trauma and helps plants recover faster
  • Scotts Osmocote® uses advancedprill technologythat ensures even and controlled nutrient release with no wastage
  • The organics are all derived from renewable resources


  • Designed specifically for all fruit trees including citrus and also flowering trees
  • Safe to use on native plants including natives fruits including finger lime, quandong and Davidson's plum
  • Dwarf and columnar fruit trees and dwarf citrus growing in large pots and tubs
  • Safe to use on new plants - the controlled release of nutrients means it will not burn soft leaves or tender young roots


  • Do not use in hydroponic growing systems, ponds or pots submerged in water
  • Do not use on lawns - use only specifically named fertilisers on grassed areas


55grams = 3 tablespoons (TBL).Use the table below as a guide to how much to use:

Where to apply Rate (flat level scoops) How to apply at planting Established plants
Fruit trees & flowering trees 3 scoops per m2of under-tree area

Mix into the backfill soil.

Do not place in the bottom of the planting hole

Dig in around the dripline
Potted plants 30cm pot - ¾ scoop
40cm pot - 1½ scoops
60cm pot - 2 scoops
90cm pot - 3 scoops
Mix through the potting mix

Apply evenly over the surface of the potting mix

Or mixthrough when repotting

IMPORTANT: Water in thoroughly after each application and ensure the product iswashed off leaves.


  • Apply every six months
  • For best results, apply in the early Spring when new growth appears, and repeat in late Summer or early Autumn


CAUTION: This product may cause staining of hard surfaces if wet. Avoid contact with hard surfaces and if contact does occur, sweep off immediately.

SAFETY FIRST:Read the instructions on the product packaging before use and take particular note of any warnings or cautions on the label

See the Safety Data Sheet for this product


NPK 12.8 : 2.2 : 3.5

Contains addedorganic materials, natural gypsum, wetting agentand a range ofessential trace elements

Contains2.2% phosphorus, which is acceptable for some native plants but not all. Check the plant label to see how tolerant your plant may be.

May be safely used on edibles

Scotts Osmocote® is a controlled release fertiliser that consists ofprills(small beads) of high-quality fertiliser encased in a permeable and biodegradable soy extract coating

Each prill contains abalanced microdoseof nutrients so a plant's response from an application is reliable and consistent

Health and Safety

Always read the pack label and product instructions carefully before use. For further information relating to product safety please review the product data safety sheet link below.

Scotts Osmocote® Plus Organics Citrus & Fruit Plant Food & Soil Improver main image
Scotts Osmocote® Plus Organics Citrus & Fruit Plant Food & Soil Improver 1.5KG (other sizes available)
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