New Scotts Organic Range

Made with the good stuff...

An eco-friendly organic formula with essential nutrients to enrich the soil and encourage beneficial microbes, stronger plant growth and healthier foliage.
Easy to apply solutions in a range of pack formats! For best results, feed every 1-2 weeks.


It's Food for your plants!

Yes, all plants

A sustainable plant food that won't slow the grow.
It's just simple, easy, plant goodness for your garden that any gardener can use in their green matter how big or small.


Certified for Organic Gardens

Getting certified isn't easy...
When you see a product with organic certification symbol you know you're buying a product you can trust.
Keeping soils healthy is at the heart of healthy growing.




Less Plastic Less Waste

If everyone makes a small change it will lead to a big impact
Give it a try...


Scotts Organic Range - Frequently Asked Quesitons

What does the 'Certified Allowed Input' mean?

When we talk about organic gardening, we mean gardening that does not rely on the use of synthetic fertilisers and chemicals and rather places emphasis on building soil health and using natural sources of nutrients to grow healthy plants.

“Certified organic” products are the produce or products made from outputs of certified organic farming systems, whereas “certified allowed inputs” are products assessed as being suitable for use in an organic farm or garden situation to grow organic produce.

The certification provides an assurance that the product has been independently assessed against the Australian Certified Organic Standard as being appropriate for use in organic gardens and farms.

How does it bring my soil to life?

Scotts Organic Plant Food Range contains natural organic fertilisers, fish, humic acid and seaweed. These are rich in minerals, proteins and amino acids which provide a food source for and stimulate the beneficial microbiology in the soil.

How does it nourish & replenish my plants?

By supplying essential minerals, beneficial amino acids and growth hormones in a natural form that are readily plant available. Leading to healthier, more robust plants with better root development and overall growth.

Why do I need to feed every 1-2 weeks?

Feeding your plants regularly provides a steady supply of nutrients, promoting continuous plant growth and soil health. This is particularly beneficial for fast-growing, hungry plants such as vegetables. Regular applications enhance nutrient uptake, improve root development, and maintain optimal soil conditions, resulting in healthier, more productive plants. The application rates specified on the pack are designed to supply the required amount of nutrients when required.

What can I use to measure out dosage (Concentrate & RTU SKUs)?

Common household tools to measure out dosage would include a tablespoon (approx. 20ml in Australia) or alternatively a liquid measuring cup with ml markings. For example, an application rate of 100ml of concentrate would equate to 5 tablespoons. Be sure to wash your measuring tools after use.

What is the best practice to apply Scotts Plant Food pouches i.e., Temperature, time of day, how to best use, any precautions etc.?

The best time of day to feed (or water) your plants is always early in the morning. This timing enhances nutrient uptake and supports photosynthesis throughout the day. Morning feeding also reduces evaporation and nutrient runoff and minimising the risk of fungal growth by allowing foliage to dry before evening.

It says pet & child friendly, but the back of pack has 'keep out of reach of children & pets'.

The product is classified as non-hazardous (in accordance with Australian Work, Health & Safety Regulations) and exposure during or after the recommended use of the product is not expected to be detrimental to humans and pets.

It is, however, good practice to restrict the accessibility of children and pets to all stored garden products generally and do not allow unsupervised use.

Is there a used by date?

There is no specific ’use by’ or expiry date for these products but given the Organic nature of the contents it would be best to use within a few months of opening. Keeping the pouch/hose-on unit sealed and in a cool, dark place between uses will help keep it in the best condition until used up. For pouches, removing excess air before sealing the lid will also help improve shelf life once opened.

If I use Scotts Organic Plant Food on my vegetable garden, can I eat the produce straight away?

There is no withholding period after application of this product, however we recommend washing produce thoroughly before eating it.

Can I use these products indoor?

Yes, you can use the pour and feed and concentrate to feed your indoor plants, at the rate specified on pack. We would recommend however, to use a product specifically designed to supply the nutrient requirements of indoor plants such as Scotts Osmocote Indoor Plant Range. Scotts Osmocote Controlled Release Fertiliser supplies a 6-month feed.