What to plant when: garden calendar

Growing your own vegetables and fruits is rewarding, but it takes quite a bit of experience and know-how to do it successfully. To get the best results, you need to know:

  • what to plant
  • when to plant it
  • where to plant it
  • when to harvest

In Australia, we have two main planting seasons – spring and autumn. The harvest periods are variable depending on when the crops are at their best and how long they actually take to grow to maturity. Generally, we are lucky enough to be able to harvest at least some crops all year round, except perhaps in the coldest areas.

Having the knowledge and remembering what to plant when can be quite a task. Here at Love the Garden, we’ve got you covered with your very own “what to plant when” calendar. Right click on the image, print it and put it on the fridge door or kitchen noticeboard, so next time you’re not sure of when to plant your tomatoes, you can refer to it.

When you grow vegetables, you’ll need to make sure you provide the best possible conditions for them to flourish. This goes beyond the basics like the type of soil and fertiliser – you also need to think about what vegies you are planting alongside one another and also watch out for pests.
For instance: Did you know that you should never grow peas next to onions? Or that if you have leeks growing next to cauliflowers, neither will do well?   

Our downloadable calendar will give you the lowdown on what crops may be planted together and which pairings you should avoid. 

Check out the calendar below:

Garden Calendar


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