Scotts Pure Organic

Pure Organic

The natural way to grow

When you’re growing food, you want it to be as easy, pure and as natural as possible. Our Scotts Pure Organic range keeps things simple, all while growing tasty produce and gorgeous flowers. Our range is certified 100% organic and is packed with healthy nutrients to ensure your plants and trees receive everything they need to thrive all year round.

Scotts Pure Organic Vegetable & Herb Premium Plant Food

Our organic Vegetable & Herb Plant Food is easy to use and super-effective. Feed your plants with a sprinkle of food to give them a nutrient-rich environment they deserve. With nothing but natural goodness and no added chemicals, you’ll see a boost in your plant’s appearance within a few days.

Scotts Pure Organic Fruit & Citrus Premium Plant Food

It’s now easier than ever before to grow your own large, healthy fruit and citrus, thanks to our Organic Plant Food. Our Scotts Pure Fruits & Citrus Premium contains 100% natural ingredients and promises to feed your plants and soil evenly for up to three months.

Scotts Pure Organic All Purpose Premium Plant Food

Feed your plants with premium organic food to allow them to grow into strong and healthy. Our Organic All Purpose Premium Plant Food is all natural and contains a blend of ingredients to release nutrients at different rates to ensure constant feeding is conducted over a period of time. Suitable for natives, fruit and flowering trees roses and edibles, this product will also rejuvenate your soil to help grow larger, healthier plants.