The Aussie homeowner’s guide to a lush green lawn

Wanting lush green lawn all year round doesn’t need to be a dream. It also doesn’t need to be a household chore that requires a lot of time, effort and products.

It’s never been easier to achieve picturesque, thick lawn, thanks to the help from our team who live and breathe lawn. Our guide has everything covered to ensure your grass is looking picture-perfect all year round:

  • What’s better, seed or instant turf.
  • The different varieties of lawn grass and how to choose one that best suits your property.
  • How to keep your lawn looking immaculate with minimum effort.
  • The step-by-step guide to fertilising your lawn to keeping it healthy and green.
  • What is aeration and why it’s important.
  • Quick and easy ways to fix patchy and thinning lawns.

Download your guide to growing lush, green lawn below:

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