Scotts Lawn Builder Patch Magic

Scotts Lawn Builder Patch Magic

Size: 3.6L Box

Main product features

With fertiliser
With fertiliser
Patch repair
Patch repair
Thicker lawn
Thicker lawn
Sprouts in days
Sprouts in days

Getting the results you want when trying to repair or patch an established lawn can be challenging. That's why Scotts Lawn Builder™ Patch Magic has been developed - it's the only patching product that takes care of the seed for you

When to use



  • Scotts Lawn Builder™ Patch Magic's mix of five lawn seed varieties are chosen for durability and ability to tolerate sunny and shaded areas as well as heavy wear and tear; the mix will blend in with most turf varieties
  • The unique coir expanding mulch is capable of holding 5x its own weight in water, providing a moist environment for the seeds to germinate and grow in
  • Gives the sprouting seeds and new grass everything they need to develop strong roots and healthy leaves
  • As the expanding mulch dries, it changes colour from deep rich brown to light brown, indicating that it's time to water. On warm sunny days, you might need to water four or five times to ensure the mulch stays nice and moist all the time


  • 34 Patches or 4.2m2 when used to patch existing lawns



  • Small scale patching of ANY lawn anywhere



  • Scotts Lawn Builder™ Patch Magic is best for small patches only - if you have large areas that need re-seeding, look for our Scotts Lawn Builder™ Seed & Feed products


  • Scotts Lawn Builder™ Patch Magic works by providing lawn seeds with ideal growing conditions - moist environment due to the expanding mulch and starter fertiliser to stimulate strong root and shoot development
  • It also includes a blend of durable grass seeds to suit and blend with most lawn types



3 Steps to Success!

Important: Expands up to 5x in size with water. Use as per instructions

  • Preparation: Simply prepare the area where you want to grow grass. Remove dead grass, weeds and loosen hard soil to a depth of 5cm to help tiny seedlings take root. Shake well before use
  • Apply: Evenly apply Scotts Lawn Builder™ Patch Magic so the area is mostly covered, but bare ground is still visible (use half as much for thin areas). Only apply the recommended amount so that seedling have enough space to access water and nutrients
  • Water: A deep and thorough initial watering is the key to success. Gently water the area until Scotts Lawn Builder™ Patch Magic is completely saturated and no more water is being absorbed. Keep moist especially in hot or windy conditions

Scotts Lawn Builder™ Patch Magic will tell you when it is time to water again. When it turns light brown, add more water!

For a complete guide on How to Use Scotts Lawn Builder™ Patch Magic, watch the video on this page and always check the packaging



Best used in early Spring and late Summer - early Autumn - avoid using in extremes of weather (mid Winter and most of Summer)



CAUTION: This product may cause staining of hard surfaces if wet. Avoid contact with hard surfaces and if contact does occur, sweep off immediately

SAFETY FIRST: Read the instructions on the product packaging before use and take particular note of any warnings or cautions on the label 

See the Safety Data Sheet for this product



Contains Scotts unique expanding mulch made from coir

The proprietary blend of five seed varieties includes perennial ryegrass and fescues

Includes Scotts Lawn Builder™ Seed & Turf Starter Slow Release Lawn Food

Health and Safety

Always read the pack label and product instructions carefully before use. For further information relating to product safety please review the product data safety sheet link below.

Scotts Lawn Builder™ Patch Magic main image
Scotts Lawn Builder Patch Magic 3.6L Box (other sizes available)
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