Scotts Lawn Builder

Scotts Lawn Builder

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We take our lawn seriously, that’s why our Scotts Lawn Builder range is one of the top selling brands in Australia. Our lawn care products have everything you need to build and maintain a beautiful lawn, not just in spring, but all year round.  From slow release lawn fertilisers, topdress soil, lawn repair and weed and feed products, we offer solutions to solve those little problems quickly and effectively. 

FEED & GREEN - Lawn Fertilisers For A Greener Healthier Lawn

Want a strong, thick and green lawn? Scotts Lawn Builder Slow Release Lawn Fertilisers use patented time-release technology to deliver the right balance of nutrients for superior results that last three months. We have a range tailored to your needs Click here

Searching for an easy to use liquid fertiliser? Scotts Lawn Builder Liquid Fertilisers allow your lawn to quickly absorb essential nutrients for deep greening results in as little as 3 days. Ideal for small to medium sized lawns.


PREVENT & PROTECT – A Weed Free Or Pest Free Lawn In A Breeze

Want to enjoy a weed and pest free lawn? Scotts Lawn Builder Weed Feed & Green up is a double action treatment that will kill your weeds, while feeding and greening your lawn. With an easy hose-on spray bottle, you are equipped to control clovers, bindiis and broadleaf weeds at a simple push of a nozzle. Scotts also offer a Buffalo safe Weed Feed and Green Up. For more on the range click here. 

Lawn grubs and insects causing problems? Scotts Lawn Builder Grub & Insect Slow Release Fertiliser product includes an effective insecticide to control pests that may periodically invade while also feeding and greening your lawn.

NEW LAWN & REPAIR - Thick Lawn All Year Round

Needing to repair patches or grow a new lawn? Scotts Lawn Builder Seed and Feed contains seed and starter fertiliser to make growing grass easy. Tailored for Australian conditions, you can grow a new lawn, patch bare spots or oversow to compliment your existing lawn.

Renovating your existing lawn? Scotts Lawn Builder has everything to make your lawn the envy of your neighbours, not just in spring, but all year round. From slow
release lawn fertilisers, Top Dress Mix and Underlay Organic Lawn Soil, lawn repair and weed and feed products.