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Discover the joy of wildlife in your garden

Bird Food

Our range of feeds have been designed to attract a wide variety of birds into your garden, it includes straights such as Peanuts and Sunflower Hearts to simple Seed Mixes and treats like Suet Balls.


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Bird Feeders

Our range of feeders are vast in variety, from fun feeders for children, anti-squirrel and specific feed type feeders, your be sure to find the right feeder for your needs.


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Bird Baths

We have stylish stand alone bird baths and hanging ones that can be hung from tree branches or dining stations


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Bird Tables

All our bird tables are constructed from FSC certified pine, and range from an easy to assemble DIY bird table to deluxe slate roofed model.


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Dining Stations

An alternative to the traditional bird table, ChapelWood dining stations provide the best feeding environment to attract the widest variety of birds to your garden.


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Nest Boxes

Our ChapelWood FSC certified nest boxes have been designed to cater for different birds nesting habits, from small birds such as Sparrows to larger birds such as Owls.


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Wildlife Habitats & Food

The wildlife range incorporates habitats that have been designed to encourage nature's pollinators and pest control into your garden. It also includes feed and feeders for animals such as Hedgehogs, Bats and WaterFowl.


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Here you can find replacement parts for our dining stations, such as water dish, feeding hook and mesh tray to cleaning spray, bird bath anti-freeze and window silhouettes.


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Why support ‘Fair to Nature’?

Our UK countryside is in decline with our wildlife losing their habitats at an alarming rate. Fair to Nature products originate from farms that are working to increase the amount of sustainable agriculture that is carried out on British farmland. All our seed mixes and straight feeds comply with the Fair to Nature scheme

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Caring for Wild life

Wild life such as bees, ladybirds, butterflies, lacewings, bats and hedgehogs are an important part of the gardens eco-system. They act as natures pollinators encouraging better crops and also as nature’s pest control agents, feeding on slugs and aphids. This year our extended range offers feeds, houses, shelters and attractant, ensuring it’s not just birds ChapelWood cares for.

ChapelWood® provides with a wide range of feeders, bird baths, accessories of the highest quality, and dinning stations and nest boxes made from responsibly managed wood

Bird Food

Bird Feeders & Treats

Nest Boxes

Bird Tables, Bird Baths & Wild Bird Dining Stations

Wildlife Habitats & Food