Our purpose

Evergreen Garden Care is the leading garden care company outside North America, producing high quality garden care products designed to help people create their own green oasis amid the rush of modern life.

We believe in the beauty of a green space - or oasis - whether it’s a garden, a balcony or potted plants indoors, and we want to inspire anyone, anywhere to be able easily to create and maintain their own.

Our market-leading brands are some of the best known and most trusted consumer brands within the garden care market:


Miracle-Gro® is the world's leading gardening brand. For over 65 years, Miracle-Gro has been providing consumers with innovative products that make gardening success easier, more accessible and more enjoyable. In 1951, Otto Stern, a nurseryman and Horace Hagedorn, a marketer, and, took a water soluble plant food and set out to make it a gardening staple. Consumers loved the astonishing results of Miracle-Gro and soon the product became first mail-order phenomenon and then a retail success. From a $2,000 investment, the Miracle-­Gro business exceeded $100 million in 1994, before joining forces with The Scotts Company in 1995. It is now a billion dollar global brand, delighting consumers in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Miracle-Gro has become the most trusted brand in gardening care. Its broad portfolio of consumer products ranges from plant food, lawn care products, and gardening compost, it range offers natural, organic ranges as well as conventional range and solutions for indoor and outdoor gardening.

Miracle-Gro was launched to the UK market in 1990 consisting of Miracle-Gro Plant Food. Promising to introduce the brand to a younger audience the brand invested heavily in TV advertising, focusing on the visible results of feeding with Miracle-Gro. The brand transformed the market with more than a million gardeners trying the product in the first year. Consistently supported with TV advertising since its launch Miracle-Gro has now become a recognised number 1 brand within the gardening market and this strength has enabled the brand to move into other categories and now offers a total solution for gardener’s growing needs.

Miracle Gro® Plant Food

Specially formulated blends of nutrients are crafted to guarantee more beautiful and bountiful plants. Products range from iconic water-soluble offerings to continuous release, ready to use and indoor solutions, with specialty formulas for specific plant needs. The portfolio includes Miracle-Gro Continuous Release Plant Foods as well as innovative LiquaFeed® plant feeding system, which require no mixing and no measuring.

Miracle Gro® EverGreen Lawn Care

The EverGreen® brand dates back to 1972 with the launch of consumer lawn fertilisers and lawn treatments in the UK market. In 1980, EverGreen introduced the first triple-action lawn product (feed, weed and moss-killer), and this went on to be EverGreen Complete 4 in 1 the leading product range in the category.

Today, EverGreen and Miracle-Gro have joined forces and combined their expertise to offer a full range of high quality lawn treatment and seed products. Miracle-Gro EverGreen offers a quick and easy way to transform your lawn, whether through feeding, seeding or treating. Miracle-Gro EverGreen Complete 4 in 1 feeds your lawn whilst also working to kill weeds and control moss. Leading in patch repair, Miracle-Gro Patch Magic with grass seed, feed and coir is developed to survive almost every condition and leaving your lawn luscious and patch free!

Miracle Gro® Premium Soils and Compost

Miracle Gro’s portfolio includes gardening compost to satisfy the needs for all type of plants, at any stage of growth, from seeds to established plants and all type of uses from pots to ground.

In recent years we have launched unique innovative technologies including Moisture Control® protecting plants from over and under-watering, making it easier for consumers to achieve success. And a patented Fibre Smart™ Technology which secures the optimum balance of air and water for strong roots and healthier plants. Miracle Gro All Purpose Enriched Compost contains 6 months Smart Release Feed so there is no need to worry about the bountiful growth of the plants.


Levington® has been named after the famous Levington Research and Development Station located at Levington Ipswich.

It has been the professional gardeners’ choice for over 50 years. In 1967, it was introduced to consumers as well. Since then Levington continues to be the choice of the traditional gardeners that enjoying getting their hands “dirty”. The portfolio includes the John Innes range with the John Innes Manufacturing Association Seal of Approval.

Levington remains committed to reduce peat based ingredients. This means that we have found other high quality materials to replace peat. Annually we re-use more than 50,000 tons of other industries by-products. We have developed a bespoke process that transforms green waste from our gardens into high nutritious green compost. We also refine other industries waste materials such as agricultural manure, forestry bark to provide high quality agronomic products. Our factories in the UK - Hatfield and Gretna are zero to landfill sites.


For more than 45 years Roundup® has been helping consumers banish weeds from their gardens, it has featured in numerous TV Campaigns since the early 1990’s aided in growing consumer awareness of the brand and in obtaining the number one position it holds today.

Consumer led innovation has been critical to the success of Roundup in the non-selective weedkiller category. In 1994 roundup introduced the 3L ready to use sprayers for gardeners to simplify the weedkilling process, no mixing and a comfortable easy-grip trigger with precision sprayhead.

In 2008 the now famous Pump N Go 5L ready to use pressure sprayer was introduced, offering 10 mins continuous spraying – the one touch trigger, making it easy to use and avoids tired hands, the extendable spray lance ensures user don’t have to bend.

In 2012 the Roundup Gel for precise and controlled weedkilling was launched. Ideal for applying weedkillers where you want to avoid it spreading to surrounding plants.

Most recently we have launched Roundup Speed Ultra with visible results within 1 hour but even better you can replant within 24 hours.


The first weedkiller brand in the UK.

On 23th May 1905 when the Weedol brand was registered as a trademark in the UK and introduced as a non-selective weedkiller to the agricultural market.

In 1965 the brand was brought to the amateur gardeners and a 5 shillings and 6 pence weedkiller product was introduced.

Weedol is the number one brand in weed killing concentrates and over the years it has evolved to feature a range of easy to use products to tackle all weed killing problems you might come across in your garden.

From lawns to path and patios, and bed to borders, Weedol has a product to answer to your needs. The product range is available in different formats including sprays, liquid concentrate tubes and battery operated power sprayers to fit different gardening needs whether you have a large or a small garden there is a solution to suit your preference.