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Levington® John Innes No.3 Compost

Levington® John Innes formula composts are based on a traditonal mixture of loam, peat, and washed and graded horticultural grit.  Levington® John Innes No.3 compost has a specially balanced nutrient mix ideally matched to the needs of mature plants and is therefore ideally suited for the final repotting of mature plants.

Why John Innes compost?

John Innes composts were developed in the 1930s.  Various formulas exist depending on the use of the compost.  The composts have been specially designed to ensure the ideal air and water holding capacity and nutrients content for different kinds of plants.  The following Levington John Innes composts are available:

  • Levington John Innes No.1, for seedlings, young plants, cuttings and plug plants
  • Levington John Innes No.2, for general repotting.
  • Levington John Innes No.3, for final repotting of mature plants.
  • Levington John Innes Seed, for sowing and rooting cuttings.
  • Levington John Innes Ericaceious, for lime hating plants such as Azaleas, Heather & Rhododendrons.
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