The benefits of gardening

Many of us revel in the joys of gardening, throwing ourselves into the colours and scents of nature as soon as the sun peaks through the clouds. Getting our hands into the dirt and digging, snipping, and pulling is something many of us look forward to, or if not much else enjoy the rewards of after. There is so much to gain from gardening, whether you’re an amateur who enjoys the odd bit of a tidy up around the garden every now and then or someone who dedicates great time and effort to create their dream garden. In fact, there’s probably more to gain than you’ve ever realised…

A Beautiful Garden

Ok, so let’s start with the obvious one… There isn’t much we would do in this world if there was no benefit to anyone to gain from it and gardening is no exception. There are so many benefits to gain from gardening and the main perk has to be gaining a beautiful garden of course! Custom designed and created, the work that you put into creating your own garden area is paid in full when you get to enjoy it, share in it, and grow in it.

Healthy Benefits

Of course, the produce you grow in your garden can increase your general dietary health by leaps and bounds – but you already knew that. Gardening also offers less tangible rewards to your mental wellbeing and physical health. Stress-relief and self-esteem are gained from regular gardening sessions, while immunity, heart health and brain health are improved. Risk of stroke and Alzheimer’s are reduced, and even mental health is significantly improved. Gardening really is a labour of love that reaps benefits in all areas.

As well as the benefit of gardening, there are so many benefits to simply enjoy spending time in the garden (that is what all the work is for after all). Sun exposure and a healthy dose of vitamin e can improve mood, skin and overall health, while fresh air, and time spent exercising have a bundle of health gains too. Exercising regularly simply becomes easier when you have your own private spot right outside your back door. So, if you’re into yoga – what could be better than practising on soft grass with a gentle breeze and the soothing sounds and scents of nature surrounding you? If you’re not yet into yoga, why not start? Or any exercise for that matter.

A New Social Area

One benefit that comes up time and time again in our gardening posts relates to the social benefits that a garden space offers. A well-kept garden, whether small or big, can provide the best spot for family mealtimes, little get-togethers and summer parties. Why not grow your own cocktail ingredients and garnishes to add a personal touch and signature to your garden parties this summer? Remember the garden is an extension to the home where whether family and friends can exist and spend time with one another.

When designing your garden or when updating areas consider how you wish to spend time in your garden. If it’s with others, consider creating play space for little ones – a treehouse perhaps if you’re feeling ambitious. While a simple BBQ or a firepit can provide for mealtimes in the garden on the warmer days. Consider how you want to spend your days and nights in the garden and plant your garden in a way that helps you to achieve your goals.

Inviting Nature Into Your Home

The benefits of gardening

By creating a garden you and your friends and family can enjoy, you are also creating an environment for other visitors too. Perhaps build grassy areas to encourage wildlife such as hedgehogs, or construct a birdbath to tempt in your local feathered friends. Doing so is a wonderful way to build a closer involvement with nature. One that small children will certainly enjoy.

Somewhere To Relax

Of course, when you’re not socialising, the garden can become your own private place of Zen. There are so many relaxing benefits to spending time outside with nature. Any garden can become a peaceful haven and retreat. The perfect space to breathe fresh air, listen to the relaxing sounds of the birds and flowing water, breathe in the sweet scent of blooming flowers nearby – time spent in the garden can be a real treat for the senses. As the saying goes ‘a Sunday well spent brings a week of content.’ We think Sundays were meant to be spent in the garden with a book and a cool drink!


The benefits of gardening

If you have a pet or a few you will know the joy that time spent outdoors brings them. By creating a pet-friendly garden you can provide hours of fun and a place your pets can visit without needing to make journeys to the local park as regularly. If you are thinking of getting a pet in the future, now is a perfect time to revamp your garden with your new friend in mind.

House Price

If you have plans to move, or even if you do not immediately – a beautiful garden can add value to your house. This means that after you are done enjoying your garden personally and ready for a new project, you can still gain hugely from your investment. A decking, for example, can add worth to your property’s value, so consider your options in this area.

Do you have any other perks of gardening for us? What are your favourite moments? Share your thoughts via social media @lovethegarden and join the discussion.

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