Fruit splitting

Fruit splitting is usually caused by incorrect growing conditions. If caught early, it may still be able to eat the fruit. However, once the fruit splits it is prone to picking up diseases.


Fruit splitting can be due to numerous reasons. Often, it is due to the fruit growing in very hot, sunny conditions or extremely variable temperatures. However, the most common reason is due to the plant taking up too much water too quickly after a period of dryness or inadequate watering. When the plant starts to dry out, the skin starts to harden. Then it absorbs excess water, the fruit tries to swell, but the hard skin can't expand and causes it to split.


The skin splits after heavy rain outside or excessive watering indoors. Often woodlice appear and start to eat the damaged and rotting fruit. Many people believe the woodlice are the cause of the problem, but this is not the case.

Treatment and control

Keep soil or compost evenly moist. Try watering growing-bag twice a day with less water, rather than 1 occasional flood. Pick fruit as soon as it is ripe.

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