Create your own succulent Christmas tree

Bring the outside in, with a hand-made Living Christmas Tree, made from succulents you can easily propagate directly from your own garden!

This is a festive table centrepiece guaranteed to impress your friends!

Succulent xmas tree

Materials for succulent Christmas tree

  • Ceramic pot pf desired size
  • Chicken mesh or rabbit netting 50cm x 50cm piece
  • Bamboo stake or wooden rod (around 1cm thickness and 60cm long)
  • Florist foam block
  • Floristry pins 4.5cm (or you can cut wire into 9cm lengths and fold in an u-shape to make a pin)
  • 1 bag Scotts Osmocote Cacti & Succulent Potting Mix
  • 1 bag of Debco Sphagnum Moss
  • 1 bottle of Scotts Osmocote Pour + Feed Cacti & Succulents
  • Succulents (rosette shaped succulents like succulents from the Echeveria species work best)
  • Christmas baubles or decorations of your choice

You will also need:

  • 9L bucket
  • Wire cutters
  • Scissors
  • Secateurs
  • Dust mask and gloves

How to create a succulent Christmas tree

  1. Prepare your Christmas tree form by cutting the wire mesh and roll to form a cone share (just like an ice cream cone), keep it open at the bottom.
  2. Cut the bamboo stake or wooden rod to the length of your cone plus the height of the ceramic pot. Insert rod into the cone.
  3. Cut florist foam block to size and place so that it is firmly packed into the ceramic pot.
  4. In the bucket, soak Debco Spahagnum Moss in Scotts Osmocote Pour + Feed Cacti & Succulents (tip: it is much easier to use the moss when it is wet). The Scotts Osmocote Pour + Feed Cacti & Succulents will give your plants a nutritious boost.
  5. Holding the wire mesh cone like an ice cream cone, line the inside of the cone with the Sphagnum Moss and push it up against the wire mesh. Leave enough room and then add the Scotts Osmocote Cacti & Succulent Potting Mix down the centre of the cone. Lastly push in some more Sphagnum Moss to hold in the potting mix
  6. Carefully turn the folled cone up the right way and insert the rod into the florists foam in the ceramic pot. Your Christmas tree form is now ready to decorate!
  7. Now comes the fun bit! Sort your succulents into small, medium and large sized.
  8. Thread your floristry pin or wire through the stalk of the succulent and push the pinned succulent into the formed cone.
  9. Gaps can be filled with baubles or decorations of your choice, using the same pinned method.

Caring for your succulent Christmas tree

  • Do not overwater, a spray bottle to spray under the succulents and directly onto the Sphagnum Moss works well.
  • Fertilise every fortnight with Scotts Osmocote Pour + Feed Cacti & Succulents
  • Pour one capful for every
  • cms of tree height onto the Sphagnum Moss. It is easiest to remove a couble of baubles to access the sphagnum moss and then pop them back in place. This leaves the succulents undisturbed.
  • Your tree will thrive in a bright sunny spot
Handy tip

If you knock off any delicate leaves while making your tree do not discard them. Propagate them to grow more succulents.

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