Fertiliser Guide







1. Organic based composts & soil improvers

4-6 times a year

1. Spread a layer of soil improver and compost over the soil.

2. Work the organic matter into the soil using a garden fork.

3. Water

4. Mulch

Organic solution


Can be expensive


Improves soil



Must be repeated frequently


Can be smelly


Take more time than other methods


2.Instant hit granular or powder

12 times a year

1. Using a glove, take a handful of granulated fertiliser and sprinkle it over the soil surface.

2. Water

3. Reapply as necessary

Easy to apply


Includes a wide range of nutrients


Quick injection of nutrients

Can contain trace amounts of toxic chemicals


Dumps nutrients quickly


Needs frequent applications


Dusty – wear gloves and mask


Wasted nutrients

3.Slow release fertiliser

4-6 times a year

1. Using a glove, take a small amount of slow release fertiliser and sprinkle it around the garden.

2. Water

3. Reapply as necessary

Consistent particle size for even release of nutrients


Easy to apply


Wide range of formulations

Continuously release nutrients into the soil until they dissolve completely


Wasted nutrients

4.Controlled release fertiliser

2 times a year

1. Lightly sprinkle the controlled release fertiliser where needed.

2. Water

3. Reapply in 6 months

Balanced release of nutrients – just when plants need it


No wasted nutrients


Easy to apply


Targeted feeding

May seem way more expensive at first, but is actually much cheaper in the long run

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