13 amazing ideas for your indoor plants

Indoor plants and house plants can add a touch of style to your home as well as improving your sense of wellbeing. There’s even evidence to suggest that they can help keep the air clean so are good for your physical health too.

But don’t settle for a sad little plant tucked away in a corner! Be bold and let your indoor plants stand proud with some of our amazing ideas:

1. Table Plants

Adopt a nest of tables to display your plants on. With tables at different heights, you could have three of the same plant or a variety of texture and shape to create a stunning display.

2. Ladder Plants

Make use of a rustic old ladder by positioning different plants on different rungs. Trailing plants and ferns can look really effective in this type of display.

3. Small Plants

Go big with little plants. If you have some spare shelving, why not plant up dozens of little containers with small plants. You could use a mixture of teapots, jugs, small vases or cups and saucers.

Your crockery could be all matching or a mix and match but will look stunning with a range of different plants all lined up on your shelf or shelves.

4. Bird Cages

Old lanterns or birdcages add a real touch of romance and it’s not hard to turn them into elegant plant containers. Pot up plants in a glass or old candle container and then hang your display or put them on a table or windowsill.

Again, trailing plants will look best as they wisp and wind their way out of the lantern or the birdcage.

5. Wall Planting

Mount your plants on the wall. You can be as diverse as you like with this idea, using normal shelves or something more unusual like old orange crates for example.

6. Stair Planting

Place a plant on each step of the stairs and enjoy a sense of wellbeing as you go up and down.

7. Bring Your Plants Indoors

Bring your pets inside. Large terracotta pots or other containers don’t have to live outside and can look super stylish indoors. What about a tall terracotta pot with an elegant palm in the bathroom for a touch of Edwardian style?

8. Wooden Box

Use an old tin or wooden box and pack it with cacti or succulents to make an unusual and prickly display. Adding a small ivy can give this sort of house plant feature a nice finishing touch.

9. GlassFish Bowl

Adapt an old glass fishbowl, glass biscuit jar or other glass container and turn it into a mini garden. You can include all sorts of materials to bring it to life and create a mini world, including stone or wood.

Alternatively plant up a watery world of plants and have your own indoor water feature or pond. Glass containers, particularly those with a narrow mouth can be really effective for growing more tropical plants too.

10. Old Tins

We love recycling old tins, such as old tea tins, hot chocolate tins or baked bean tins and they make great planters for your kitchen herbs. You can line them up in rows on a windows shelf or even hang them in a display.

11. Window Boxes Indoors

Bring your window boxes inside! Is there a way you can hang your window box inside rather than out or make a display of them as a feature on a wall?

12. Bathroom Plants

Some plants really love the damp and humidity of the bathroom. Adapt an old shampoo, toothbrush mug or soap holder so that you can fill it with small potted plants instead and enjoy a more natural feel to your daily shower.

13. Deep Dish

Take a deep dish or large plate and plant up with a mixture of succulents, stone and pebbles. Use succulents of different heights and shapes and you have created a stunning centrepiece for your dining table, which will last so much longer than a bunch of flowers.

With so many different plants and containers available these days from most garden centres, your indoor plants can now be a wonderful addition and feature of your home. From orchids to ivies, ferns to palms, why not let your imagination run riot and fill your home with exotic plants and stylish displays. Share your amazing indoor planting ideas with us via our social media sites, and let’s bring a little bit of nature indoors.

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