Indoor Gardening with David Domoney

When you’re balancing work, socialising, and still want time to unwind, it’s easy to forget to keep gardening in your routine all year round. You don’t necessarily need to be outside for hours on end, start to get creative with tending to plants inside your home to reap the benefits of gardening indoors.

Reap the benefits

Studies have shown that once you’ve introduced more plants to your house, you may find that after a long day at work you are feeling less fatigued. Plants including Sansevieria trifasciata (mother-in-law’s tongue) and Aloe Vera can even improve the air quality in your home, removing up to 80% of toxins according to a study from NASA.

Our homes are packed with pollutants that are bad for our health, with cleaning and decorating products, cookers and fires all contributing to this. Our homes are often not well ventilated all year round, so having plants that will improve the air quality should be a priority. Houseplants can help combat anxiety, depression and nervousness. Plenty more reasons to add some more greenery around the house.

Indoor Gardening | David Domoney | Miracle Gro | Love The Garden

Letting them thrive

Indoor plants will add an extra dimension to your living spaces, with different colours, textures and sizes. Get some colourful pots, baskets or tables for your plants and make them a central part of the décor; the featherlike fronds of the Boston fern will be an enhancing feature in the room if you place it in a hanging basket.

Ensure that your plants are positioned in the best place to keep them thriving. If the plant has dark leaves, they are best in shade but if it has variegated leaves, they are happiest on a brightly lit windowsill.

As indoor plants need attention all year, you may need to move them to a lighter position in the winter months when the days are a bit shorter.

Try adding a different houseplant to each room and seeing how it makes the room feel brighter and lighter. Some plants, such as Chlorophytum comosum (spider plant), thrive in moist environments, so would be suitable to have in the bathroom, where it can survive with minimum sunlight as many bathrooms have little or no windows.

Convenience is key

Not only can indoor plants look beautiful, gardenia in your home will add a sweet-smelling, fresh fragrance that will ensure your home smells light and invigorating. Alternatively, Stephanotis floribunda (Madagascar jasmine)’s delicate aroma has been compared to the smell of fresh linens.

Adding these light scents creates an uplifting environment to exist in—perfect for welcoming you home after a day at work. Plants that are flowering will need some extra care and attention to keep looking great, but it doesn’t have to be a big commitment at all.

Indoor Gardening | David Domoney | Miracle Gro | Love The Garden

The Miracle-Gro Small & Simple range is designed to do the hard work for you, so it’s all glory and no graft. Throughout spring and summer, give your plants a feed at every other watering (roughly every 10 days or so).

The nutrients in the feed are essential to plant health and replenish vital resources. Miracle-Gro's Pump & Feed is great for all plants. You don’t have to wander around the house with a huge watering can—simply pump directly onto the plant, water it in and the job is done. No mixing, no measuring, no mess!

Their All-Purpose Drip & Feed goes one step further, just cut the top off and stick it into the soil to drip feed the plant over the next 4 weeks, hands-free! So, even if it’s winter and you can’t get outdoors or you don’t have a lot of spare time, you can keep your indoor garden flourishing without it taking hours and hours.

The advantages of indoor plants aren’t just seasonal either, you can reap the benefits all year round. Bring your garden indoors and let the beautiful aromas transport you to a relaxing place where you can unwind, and these products leave you even more time to truly enjoy them!

This article is a special feature by David Domoney, professional horticulturalist and television presenter, and our Ambassador for Miracle-Gro.

Indoor Gardening | David Domoney | Miracle Gro | Love The Garden

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