Woodlice are brown in colour and often curl up into a ball when disturbed. Woodlice are harmless to humans, animals and plants. Large number may appear in your house gaining entry though cracks, doors and windows. They prefer damp conditions.


Woodlice – which actually have dozens of other common names, such as chiggypigs, slaters and woodpigs – look like small armadillos with their almost armour-plated bodies. They roll up into a ball when disturbed. They shelter in dark, damp places, especially where there is a build up of decaying plant material.


Woodlice are pretty harmless and do little or no damage.

They are often found on rotting wood or damaged or rotting plants, feeding on the rotting plant material. This leads to the belief that they have caused the damage in the first place, but their mouthparts aren’t strong enough.

Treatment and control

Seek out the source

For control of woodlice, repair cracks and openings around doors and windows and where possible reduce areas of dampness in the house. In the garden, clear away piles of rotting leaves and other hiding places.

Use an insecticide

If problem persists indoors, dust or spray an approved powder along the cracks or areas that woodlice are entering the house. More than one application may be needed.

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