Roundup® Tree Stump Weedkiller

Roundup® Tree Stump Weedkiller

Size: 250ml

Main product features

Outdoors only
Concentrated formula
Concentrated formula
Kills the root
Kills the root

Roundup® Tree Stump Weedkiller is a systemic weedkiller, kills tough weeds to the roots. It contains a reusable pipette for specialist treatment of Japanese knotweed. This product kills up to 16 tree stumps.

When to use

Roundup® Speed Ultra Ready To Use - Tackle Weeds Like An Expert
Kills ivy, amongst other weeds
Kills Japanese knotweed
Kills up to 16 tree stumps
Kills to the roots

How to use

SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE. As good practice, we recommend wearing waterproof gloves and gardening footwear.

Freshly cut tree and shrub stumps

Cut the tree or shrub stem close to the ground in November to March, and thoroughly treat the cut surface of the stump as soon as possible after felling.

Use a paint brush to apply the diluted Roundup® Tree Stump Killer on to the cut stump. Ensure the whole cut surface is saturated, particularly around the edges and bark of the stump. Ensure the brush is thoroughly cleaned before and after use.

Standing trees

In November to March, use an axe to cut angled notches that completely penetrate the bark of standing trees. Cut at approximately knee height, one notch for trees up to 10 cm in diameter and use two or three notches in trees over 10 cm diameter.

Using a ¾ or 1 inch standard paint brush, apply 2 ml (thorough wetting of the inside of the notch) per 10 cm trunk diameter of neat Roundup® Tree Stump Killer to each cut.

Do not treat in the period of active sap flow in the spring/early summer.

Japanese Knotweed

Apply as a foliar spot application using a 2% solution (20 ml made up to 1 litre of water).

For best results apply when the plant is flowering (usually August/September) but before autumn dieback. Good coverage is essential. Spray the underside as well as the upper surface of the leaves. Repeat treatment may be necessary if regrowth appears.

If Japanese Knotweed is growing amongst wanted plants apply 5-10 ml of a 20% (200 ml Roundup® Tree Stump Killer made up to 1 litre of water) solution with water per stem. See pack for full instructions.

Keep children and pets away from treated areas until spray has dried.

Where to use

Controls annual weeds and most perennial. weeds and trees around the garden and on areas not intended to bear vegetation such as hard surfaces, patios, drives, tarmac, paths and gravel areas. Can be used to clean up weedy ground before planting vegetables, flowers, bushes and trees, and to renovate overgrown areas.

Direct spray away from ponds and other surface water bodies. Do not use on lawns or other wanted plants unless you want to kill them. Do not use under polythene or glass.

When to use

Apply as a foliar spray to weeds and saplings at any time when the weeds are actively growing and have adequate leaf area to absorb the spray.

Freshly cut tree stumps and standing trees should be treated from November to March to avoid the period of active sap flow in spring/early summer.

Avoid spraying when rain is imminent. Rain within 6 hours of spraying reduces effectiveness and repeat treatment may be necessary. Apply in calm conditions to avoid drift onto cultivated plants.

Leave weeds 7 days before digging or replanting, for the weedkiller to move to the roots.


This pack treats up to 500 m².

Active ingredient

Contains 360 g/L (28.47 %w/w) glyphosate acid (present as 441 g/L (34.86 %w/w) potassium salt of glyphosate).


Do not walk or allow children and pets into treated areas until the product has dried on leaves to avoid transfer to lawns and other desired vegetation. Replanting and Sowing: leave at least 7 days for the weedkiller to move to underground roots and shoots of dense cover, including perennial weeds before digging or cultivating soil. After application, rinse the sprayer three times, pouring rinse water over bare ground. Triple rinse the empty bottle and pour rinse water over bare ground.

Maximum individual dose: 1 a year.

When applied via pipette the maximum concentration must not exceed 200 ml of product per 1 litre of water. When applied as a spray the maximum concentration must not exceed 20 ml of product per 1 litre of water. When used on areas not intended to bear vegetation the maximum dose must not exceed 32 ml/30 m². When applied by injection for chemical thinning of trees the maximum concentration must not exceed 2 ml product/10 cm of tree diameter. When applied to tree stumps the maximum concentration must not exceed 200 ml of product per 1 litre of water.

To avoid transfer to lawns and other desired vegetation, do not walk into treated areas until the product has dried.

Safety instructions

  • Protection during/in use: If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show this container or label. WASH HANDS AND EXPOSED SKIN AFTER USE. KEEP OFF SKIN. WASH OFF SPLASHES IMMEDIATELY.
  • Environmental protection: Do not contaminate ponds, waterways or ditches with the product or used container. Do not empty into drains. Direct spray away from ponds and other surface water bodies. Use appropriate containment to avoid environmental contamination.
  • Storage and disposal: KEEP PRODUCT IN ORIGINAL CONTAINER, tightly closed in a safe place. KEEP AWAY FROM FOOD, DRINK AND ANIMAL FEEDING STUFFS. EMPTY CONTAINER COMPLETELY and dispose of safely. Do not re-use empty containers.

Risk and safety information


  • Read carefully and follow all instructions.
  • Keep out of reach of children. Keep only in original container.
  • Keep product away from food and drink.
  • If medical advice is needed, have product container or label at hand.
  • Do not contaminate water with the product or its container.
  • Dispose of contents/container to a household waste recycling centre as hazardous waste except for empty containers which can be disposed of in the dustbin. Contact your local council for details.

Use weed killer products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Health and Safety

Always read the pack label and product instructions carefully before use. For further information relating to product safety please review the product data safety sheet link below.

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Roundup® Tree Stump Weedkiller 250ml (other sizes available)
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